11-year-old’s jewelry-making skills send Kansas veterans to DC


SABETHA, Kan. (KSNW) – Call her the boss. A middle schooler from Sabetha uses her love for jewelry to raise money for the Kansas Honor Flight.

“I just like having, like letting people have a smile on their face. It makes me feel good,” Avery Herrmann said.

Avery, 11, started making earrings several years ago after being diagnosed with staphyloma in his right eye.

“His eye therapist had told me that we needed to find something fun we could do for motor skills that wouldn’t feel like work,” said Avery’s mother, Mary Herrmann. “I made jewelry when I was a little girl, and I was like, well, let’s try to do this, and she loved it.”

Ther Herrman’s love for the Kansas Honor Flight, a non-profit organization that sends Kansas veterans to Washington D.C. for free, began years ago when Mary’s grandfather, Robert, was chosen to to travel.

“He had always said it was the trip of a lifetime for him until the day he passed. It was one of his fondest memories,” Mary shared.

Mary Herrmann’s grandfather, Robert, poses during the Kansas Honor Flight trip.

After Robert’s death, the mother-daughter duo decided it was right to keep his memory alive and support the organization. That’s when they started selling their handmade jewelry online and in a local store in Sabetha, Kan. All proceeds from their Abundant Love jewelry line go directly to Kansas Honor Flight.

“The sweetest thing is that she doesn’t really make money as an entrepreneur because she gives it away,” laughed Mary. “It’s not the best business plan, but it’s definitely a good hobby, and it’s really fun to watch it, and it’s fun to see the community connect with it for the love of the earrings.”

“It makes me feel really good inside and happy,” Avery said.

Since 2017, Avery has raised more than $6,400 and paid for eight veterans to visit DC. Click here to learn more about jewelry.


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