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The best way to improve a child’s skills and potential is to teach them to focus on imagination and explore inner potential. Learning DIY skills can have a persuasive impact in this regard.

DIY crafts can be of many kinds, regardless of age groups. However, if you are spiritual enough and are wondering what Do-it-yourself would take a measurable amount of time, then you must try the dynamic types of DIY jewelry making boxes. Below is a list of 8 jewelry making styles that can introduce you and your kids in depth about the new style of jewelry making.

Along with this, you should also adhere to the fact that these DIY jewelry can come in affordable ranges that really persuade you to buy a set. In addition, the use of specific coupons (such as Michaels coupons, Hobby lobby) stationery and craft stores, the overall price would be lowered further.

Therefore, let’s review these jewelry kits which can chisel your children’s skills and help you relax at the same time.

  1. Ariel Tara Toys Necklace Activity Set | Amazon exclusive

Price: $ 12.99, Amazon

The Exclusive Amazon Ariel Necklace Activity Set contains perfectly all the elements needed to make children’s necklaces. It comes with 5 Disney character charms or pendants with five distinct colors, 5 rubber necklace threads and 150 beads in multiple colors.

The fun part is that your child can separate and assemble the beads according to the color of a particular Disney character and create the design. For example, if the character is Elsa from Frozen 2 the colors of the offers would then be frozen in white. You can guide the little boy to differentiate the colors with this craft.

What could we do?

  • Necklaces in 5 different colors among the available auctions
  • Place the character’s charm in the middle, then place the bids on both sides accordingly.

Perfect for: children over 3 years old

  1. Pop-Bead Art, Craft Kits DIY Bracelets Necklace Headband and Rings Jewelry Kit | Funzbo

Price: $ 16.98, large; $ 21.98, extra large

This jewelry box contains 520 lobster beads mainly made of rubber and plastic. All beads contain heterogeneous color variations and can be shaped into a variety of attractive shapes. Attractive designer pendants / charms design can be made from these as well, such as flower pendants, button pendants, etc. The best part is that there is no need for thread to place the beads to generate the shape. These can simply be juxtaposed with each other just following the designed cuts. So, after investing a considerable amount of time, your little girl will find absolute happiness with the result.

What could we do

  • Necklace, headband, hair clip, accessories and bracelets

Perfect for: children from 3 to 8 years old (special for girls)

  1. Colorful Loom Band Set, DIY Bracelet Band | YITOHOP

If you are seriously looking for a way to distract your baby from television and other digital devices, try this set of colored loom bands. Which will increase their power of imagination in other ways. This particular encapsulates 100% safe rubber loom bands, beads of various shapes and designs and other accessories. It consists of 11,000 latex bands, 600 small clips, 30 designer charms, 10 zipper hooks, 4 hair clips, 5 stickers, etc.

Your child can make friendship bracelets, hair clips, necklaces and earrings out of them. Moreover, with the help of youtube bead making tutorials, you can teach them methods of making necklaces just by tying one loom with another. The process involved in this box is really fascinating and really powerful in driving the evocation of your children.

What could we do

  • Necklace, amulets, earrings, pendants, bracelets

Perfect for: children between 5-12 years old

  1. Bracelet Making Kits | Neo-Brite Chains and Charms | Make it real

$ 13.92

This kit would be perfect for teenage girls, especially those who are fanatic about improving DIY skills. The Neo-Brite kit consists of 160 various beads, 3 unique charms, 3 tassels, 6 tassel charms, 3 Gem charms, 3 colors of elastic fabric cords. All of these could be perfectly embellished with each other to design wonderful sets of bracelets. Despite the bracelets, gold chains and other bracelets can be made with this kit.

What could we do

  • Types of vibrating bracelets, hand chains, gold chains

Perfect for: adolescents over 8 years old.

  1. Kids Fashion Headband Creation Kit | Creativity

$ 10.89 to $ 37.25

The fashion headband creation kit is an assimilation of 10 colorful accessories with various patterns. Popular ingredients include ribbon headbands, sparkly rhinestones, satin headbands, floral pattern charms, butterfly ties, and more. All of these ingredients can be used in two ways; organize or accessorize a full headband, taped with one of these designs on top. For example, headbands with satin ribbons. In addition to hair ties, they can also be used on bracelets, hair clips.

What could we do

  • Headband, bracelet, hair clips, etc.

Perfect for: above 5 years

  1. Clay Art Craft Kit | Happiest store

Price $ 19.99

Learning DIY techniques from colored clay has become a new trend among teens. The box consists of 8 different colors of clay, 99 beads, 3 pendants, 2 jumble pendants and 12 charms. Despite this, the box also consists of 30 inches of bracelet rods, pearl rods, and cutting tools.

The polymer clay which is available in several colors namely dark purple, light pink, light green and blue can be mixed and personalized. However, your child can design a total of 3 bracelets and 3 necklaces from a complete box. However, follow the directions before you start and bake the clay at 275 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Perfect for: above 8 years

  1. Friendship Bracelet Kits | Directory

Price: $ 29.97

Teach your kids to be cordial and friendly with their classmates by sharing cute cards and friendship bands. The DIY Friendship Kit box comes with various colored tape threads that can be used to make friendship bands. However, several designs and shapes (such as pleating, knotting, or beading) can also be initiated from these threads.

Friendship band kits incorporate 12 different colored threads, button closures and stickers. In case of being little confused, you can guide yourself in the instruction manual

What could we do

  • Friendship band threads, bracelet

Perfect for: children over 5 years old

  1. Flower crown bracelets | Happiest store

Price: $ 19.99

If your little girl is overwhelmed with the types of headbands and bracelets, gift her this one and allow her to create it on her own. The kit consists of thin bracelet stems, 42 flowers, 24 ribbon branches, 8 ribbons and glitter glue.

You can teach her to gently twist the stems of the bracelet with ribbon branches and place the flowers where they are needed. At the end, 4 bracelets and floral tiaras can be made from one box

What could we do

Perfect for: 6-10 years

As everyone knows learning has no age or time, proves your hand on this DIY skill while providing training on the methods to your kids. While learning DIY jewelry can showcase your kids to improve their skills, it also has an impact on their concentration on the other hand, which is of course positive. Therefore, let them try out some of the ideas and use the free space holistically.


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