Antique clock, jewelry store getting ready for the end of summer time


HELENA – Hundreds of clocks line the walls of Barnes Jewelry, and with the end of daylight saving time the task can be taxing for homeowners.

“Kind of like a love-hate relationship with clocks. I love to hear them ringing and running and ticking, but to go around and set the clock back or forward, touch all the clocks in the store, at least the ones that are in working order and have them say that the right time is like the biggest challenge, ”said Stacy Henry, Barnes Jewelry Jeweler.

Henry says pulling each clock off the walls to rewind and prepare for the end of daylight saving time is a very busy time for the store.

“We also get 20 questions over the phone: How can I reset my clock? I turned my hands back, but the chime always rings at the wrong time, “so it’s just about talking to people,” Henry said.

Marvin Hunt is the owner of Barnes Jewelry and says that after 40 years of repairing clocks, it just got easier to change clocks.

“They’re all pretty much the same, the gear trains are the same and each brand has their own little quirks and you get to learn how to do that,” Hunt said.

Daylight saving time has been a point of contention in the Montana Legislature with five bills in the past five years trying to get rid of the leap forward or backward in time, but all but one have been eliminated in committees.

Senate Bill 254 says we will switch to permanent daylight saving time if other neighboring states do and the federal government lets us pass.


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