Bellevue’s must-have Erwin’s Jewelry set to reopen in July


BELLEVUE, Neb. (KMTV) – Erwin’s jewelry is the cornerstone of the old market, sitting there since the 1950s.

For decades, it belonged to Frank Kumor, a Bellevue legend, who died last year due to complications from covid. That left the fate of Erwin unknown.

Since then her daughter Rebecca Zurcher has heard from the community.

“From my father’s death until today, I mean hundreds of hundreds of people,” said Zurcher.

Zurcher is sentenced to life in Erwin’s home.

“I started polishing silver when I was around 8, making bows for gifts,” said Zurcher.

She was there from childhood until college where she graduated with a business degree, then worked there full time for 25 years.

Eventually, she received a similar offer from her family, as her father received it from the original owner, Erwin Dreibus, many years ago.

“Erwin said Frank, here’s the deal, I want to retire, so you have two choices: you can buy the business and find another job. And my dad was like “Well I mean also buy the business” so quickly until now and I looked and I said “that’s kind of the deal with me” , said Zurcher.

Currently, Zurcher is doing what she calls intense spring cleaning. That means organizing and adding props, but they want to make sure they retain the same store flavor that has brought so many community members to Erwin for decades.

“The mantra of hard work and honesty, we treat almost everyone like family,” said Zurcher. “I feel like we’re just providing this personalized service. Every person is important, it doesn’t matter if you spend ten thousand dollars or ten dollars.

While there’s a lot of work to be done, the store that sells everything from diamond jewelry and watches to glassware, is slated to reopen on July 1.

To the noise, the people of Bellevue are ready.

“I know people haven’t forgotten about us,” said Zurcher. “It has been very pleasant, heartwarming and humbling to know that people are just happy that we are opening, they want us to open and they are just happy to support us.”


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