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Ideal for bracelets, rings and other stretch jewelry, elastic cords give you an easy and convenient way to string beads. For durability and strength, it is best to choose the thickest elastic string that will fit your selected beads or fit when doubled when using a beading needle. Our selections below will help you find the best elastic string for your jewelry making projects.

1. Stretchable magic bead cord

This heavy duty 1mm spandex cord comes on a 16ft roll. Thick enough to be used without a needle, it retains its shape to pass smoothly through the beads. The sheer cord will disappear under the beads and tie easily for a secure and durable hold.

To buy:
Stretchable Magic Bead Cord

$ 8.47

2. Beadaholique Beadsmith Opelon Elastic White Bead Cord

This thinner 0.77 millimeter elastic cord is suitable for use with small beads and can be easily threaded onto a needle for quick threading of delicate beads. Made from Lycra spandex, the sheer drawstring is super stretchy and won’t lose elasticity, and it can be tied securely. This is less ideal for heavy beads or anything that has a rough edge.

To buy:
Beadaholique Beadsmith Opelon Elastic White …

$ 9.02

3. Darice elastic cord

Darice offers this 2-millimeter thicker elastic cord made of rubber covered with polyester. With a soft feel and a good amount of stretch, the cord comes on a 216ft spool and can be used to make jewelry, bind journals, attach face masks, and more. Suitable for use with large beads, it is a great choice for kids’ projects because the thickness of the cord is easy to handle for little hands.

To buy:
Elastic Cord Darice

$ 11.99

4. Elastic mandala craft cord

Mandala’s 1-millimeter round cord is made of braided rubber wrapped in nylon and polyester fabric. It comes on a generous 327 foot spool and is available in 18 different colors to suit any project. While this cord has less resistance than some of the other options listed here, it is a soft, flexible cord that will provide gentle tension.

To buy:
Elastic Cord Mandala Crafts

$ 9.99

5. Beadnova crystal cord

Made from a flexible and durable polyester spandex, this cord is sold on a 196ft roll and is available in 10 different color options. It has a somewhat flattened shape, 0.7 millimeters thick and 1 millimeter wide, which makes it easy to thread it through a needle or bead. This cord can be easily doubled for added strength.

To buy:
Beadnova crystal cord

$ 5.99


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