Best Jewelry Store 2021 | Harkleroad Diamonds & High Jewelery


For over three decades, Harkleroad Diamonds & Fine Jewelry has provided sparkling designers and bespoke treasures to the people of Savannah. Marion Harkleroad began her career as a bench jeweler, designing and repairing jewelry before starting her own business in 1987. Today Marion and her son Caleb run the business with a trusted team of four. “Our store is special because of the people who work there,” Caleb said. “We have such a great team.” The services of the local jewelry store extend far beyond mere retail. An important aspect of Harkleroad’s business is manufacturing, customizing and converting to create unique and personalized pieces for their customers. “The design is really where we started,” Caleb said. “It’s so cool when someone stops me in town and points to something my dad did to him two or three decades ago. People are really, really proud that he did it for them. While shopping for jewelry is almost always a happy task, the Harkleroads also help customers who have inherited valuable heirlooms from deceased family members. People come to the store with beautiful, but outdated, pieces that “they want to wear as a keepsake. The Harkleroad team refreshes jewelry with a personalized design that’s both honorary and contemporary. “There are many big box stores where you can buy jewelry, and you can even buy diamonds online,” Caleb said “But we can provide an experience. Our team has a great relationship with the people who shop here. They are the backbone of this place, and we are very lucky to have them. This careful consideration of tastes ts and unique needs of a customer is what makes Harkleroad Jewelry what it is. “When someone comes in and has no idea what they want – being able to spend about an hour navigating through that to get to the point where they find the right ring or the right diamond – it’s worth it. trouble,” Caleb said. “I love coming to work every day.” “A big thank you to the community for voting for us,” Caleb said. “We work really hard to be the best for people who shop here and to provide this really perfect experience, and we really appreciate people recognizing that enough to vote for us.”


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