Best Jewelry Store: Rasmussen Diamonds |


Plumb Gold, 322 Main Street, Racine

Art Metals Studio, 332 Main Street, Racine

What makes your business the best in Racine County?

Rasmussen Diamonds is Racine’s oldest retail company and has been one of our community’s most treasured moments since 1900. We are committed to our education, ethical business practices, and providing the highest quality jewelry in all categories. Above all, we are committed to the relationships we have with our guests, associates and the community. Rasmussen Diamonds has been a family business for 121 years and will continue to serve this community for generations to come.

How long have you been doing this?

Since 1900 – 121 years.

Without whom could you not be successful? And why?

Absolutely, we couldn’t be successful without our loyal customers, our staff and the connections we make in our community. Our business is really about relationships and our guests have become friends and advocates for us. We are extremely grateful and strive to always maintain these strong ties.

Tell us how you got into this business and how you found success there.

Rasmussen Diamonds was founded in 1900 on State Street and supplied jewelry, watches and gift items to the town of Racine. The Sustachek family bought the business from Frank Rasmussen in 1977 and continues to own and manage it today. Like many family businesses, an interest and connection with the company is aroused from an early age, this is how Rasmussen Diamonds operates under the fifth generation of the store. We are proud to embrace and build on this legacy and we find that our success comes from balancing with a focus on growth and relevance in today’s ever-changing environment.

Calvin and Marilyn Sustachek bought the business from the Rasmussen family in 1977. Their son and daughter-in-law, Bill and Kathy Sustachek bought it from them in 1988 and this year Bill’s daughter and son-in-law and Kathy Kristi and Daniel Widmar take over the property. We continue to maintain the values ​​and professionalism that laid the foundation for Rasmussen Diamonds while continuing to seek out the best ways to serve our clients that are relevant for future generations.


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