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Do you or your children want to make homemade gifts for your friends? Make fun and beautiful bracelets, charms and necklaces with a rubber band loom kit. A Michigan dad named Cheong Choon Ng invented the original rubber band loom, the Rainbow Loom, as a way to connect with his daughters who make bracelets. The basic loom has three rows of C-shaped or round pegs, and hooks are used to weave the bands into intricate patterns that will impress friends and family. Y looms and finger looms are other alternatives. Browse our selection of the best looms and bands below to find the right product for you or your children.

1. Rainbow Loom Combo Set

What sets this loom apart are its adjustable C-shaped pegs, which allow artisans to add rows to adjust the width and length of the loom. This versatility allows users to make a wide range of projects of all sizes, from bracelets and flowers to animal shapes. The included metal hook tip ensures precision and durability, and the shank fits comfortably in the hand for hours of creativity. You get over 7,000 latex-free rubber bands in 21 colors, and the durable bands won’t break while you are weaving. Colorful C-hooks and instructions to guide you on your artistic journey are also included. This inspiring loom won the Toy of the Year award in 2014.

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Rainbow loom combo set

2. Inscraft Rainbow Elastic Refill Kit

This kit contains all the supplies you need, minus the loom, for hours of creative bracelets and charms making. It features 11,000 premium loom strips including colorful tie-dye colors, neon lights and metallics. You also get hooks, charms, S clips, hair clips, backpack clips, round beads, alphabet beads, stickers, and tassels. The plastic storage case with removable dividers keeps everything organized and the tight-fitting lid means you won’t find bracelets anywhere in the house!

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Inscraft Rainbow Elastic Refill Kit

3. Mudo Nest elastic refill kit

When art educators teach students how to weave using elastic looms, children discover the patterns and develop fine motor skills. Students love completed bracelets, necklaces, and backpack tags. This set contains everything needed to keep many young artists engaged for hours on end, including Y-looms, hooks, thousands of bright and fun 28-color bands, and tons of kid-friendly charms and beads .

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Mudo Nest Elastic Refill Kit

$ 19.99

4. Beadery Wonder Loom

Wondering if elastic looms are for you or your kids? The Wonder Loom Kit is ideal for those who want to explore without purchasing a huge set. The loom is a sturdy piece and features three rows of rounded C-shaped pegs to create bracelets, necklaces and charms. The colored and latex-free rubber of the kit the bands are not as smooth as those found in other kits, and colors vary from kit to kit. Also included is a selection tool for easy weaving, C-clips and easy-to-follow instructions for making bracelets.

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Beadwork loom

$ 11.26

5.YITOHOP Rubber Loom Band Kit

This mega kit is full of thousands of bracelets in 30 colors. A wide variety of charms, beads, tassels, S-hooks, backpack hooks, and hair clips are included for added functionality and bling. The kit includes several Y-looms and hooks, making it perfect for craft parties and play dates. Items come in a sturdy carrying case resembling a toolbox: everything fits in. the interior and its numerous compartments allow practical organization.

To buy:
YITOHOP Rubber Loom Bands Kit

$ 39.99


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