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From spring rings to clasps, the clasps of the jewelry world are varied. Visual form aside, a good clasp should just work well to secure a trinket and prevent damage, or worse, loss. It should also be easy to detach and attach, allowing wearers to put on their favorite chains and creations without damaging the nails. If you are looking for a silver clasp, it is best to find one made of 925 sterling silver because they are durable, attractive and always affordable. Our choices below will help you find the right clasp for your needs that looks great from all angles.

1. Beadaholique spring clasps

Attractive and well constructed, these round clasps from Beadaholique are the best fasteners in our book. While some sellers falsely advertise sterling silver products, these are solid sterling silver clasps that have a shiny finish and will not tarnish even if worn frequently, even in the shower. Each one looks delicate but is durable, with a smooth spring-loaded gear and a snug, secure closing latch. To attach it to a piece of jewelry, just open the small ring securely attached to the main circle.

To buy:
Beadaholique spring clasps

$ 9.54

2. Adabele Sterling Silver Lobster Connectors Clasp

Spring clasps are stylish, but they can be a bit tricky to open with one hand. Lobster claws tend to be a bit easier to work with. We love these sterling silver jewelry that has an elongated shape because it opens easily, stays closed when worn, and features a beautiful polished surface that does not tarnish quickly. Each comes with a jump ring to connect it to a piece of jewelry, although these pieces seem slightly less solid than the clasp component.

To buy:
Adabele Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp Connectors

$ 7.10

3. Tiparts lobster claw tongs

This Tiparts Pack of Clasps is an economical choice for high volume work or group activities. You get 50 clasps as well as 100 open rings that are easy to open and connect. Unlike our other options, these are made of an iron alloy and therefore tarnish much faster than sterling silver, but their pinch mechanism is reliable and moves smoothly. They’re a great option for casual crafts, whether you’re making charm bracelets, bead jewelry, or pretty key chains.

To buy:
Tiparts lobster claws

$ 6.99

4. uGems Figure Eight Lobster Clasp

If you are looking for a clasp with a cool and eye-catching look, consider this stylish sterling silver option from uGems. It features double openings that form an infinite shape, both of which are controlled by a single lever so that they open at the same time. This design is ideal for connecting links and shortening bracelets or necklaces, while introducing an attractive and sturdy embellishment. Although this is a relatively expensive clasp, it is incredibly strong, will not tarnish, and will last for years.

To buy:
UGems Figure Eight Lobster Clasp

$ 13.95

5. uGems sterling silver clasps

No matter how good a clasp is, it may take some time to open depending on your skill. We love these super shiny uGems because they sit on magnets, allowing you to put on and take off the chains by simply pulling the ends apart. Although it looks like a fragile design, the magnets are actually impressively powerful and are unlikely to come loose during your day. Plus, they have a subtle appearance and don’t add noticeable length to existing pieces. It takes a bit of tinkering to connect their rings to other strings, but expect smooth sailing once installed.

To buy:
UGems sterling silver clasps

$ 18.95


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