Chains NFT is building the Metaverse’s first jewelry store


Lots to do in the Metaverse these days, from streetwear simians to fake Birkin bags. Chains tries to crack the blockchain, extending the reach of its flashy jewelry beyond the digital realm.

Available on Opensea and voraciously collected by users who congregate on Chains Discord ChannelChains is a big business for its founder, Jacob Bamdas, and creative partner, the CryptoJeweler in line.

Bamdas and the Chains team are working on creating 10,000 unique “hyper-realistic pendants and chains” with the goal of “blowing NFT projects out of the water”. Sound familiar? It shouldn’t be – according to Bamdas, Chains is unlike any previous NFT project.

As stated earlier, Chains reaches into the real world. Specifically, each of its NFTs can be translated into a physical jewel, allowing its owner to turn their digital collectible into IRL ice cream. To forget NFT Tattoos – it’s a real flex.

“We want to bridge the gap between where the NFT space was and where it is heading,” Bamdas told Highsnobiety. “I wasn’t a big fan of NFTs until recently. [but] the second I realized the potential of the space, I knew I had to create something different.”

“When creating Chains, I wanted to create a physical store of value for our digital NFTs, while producing absolutely stunning works of art.”

Chains is also looking to create the Metaverse’s first luxury jewelry store, joining the Sandbox Gold Rush by planning a digital boutique filled with opulent accessories.

However, any NFT project worth its salt keeps its community in mind, and Chains is no different.

In fact, Chains might be totally different in that its community is pretty much at the forefront of the project, right up there with the actual chains.

Chains promises to minimize profits for owners, for example by redirecting profits to the project to maximize its potential and benefit users. Benefits include passive income from sales generated in Chains’ Sandbox store and exclusive IRL “Holder’s Only” events at hotspots around the world.

The thing is, Chains offers its users a much more involved experience than typical NFT. One purchase will grant users access to an exclusive yet expansive club.

“We grew organically to 23,000 members on Discord and 10,000 on Twitter in about seven weeks,” Bamdas continued. “Without our community, we would be nothing.”

Ahead of the public mint of Chains on January 10, Bamdas is dreaming big of partners in the digital and physical realms.

“In terms of NFT projects, our dream collaborators would definitely be RTFKT, BAYC, and Meebits,” Bamdas said. “All of these entities have strong teams, great communities, and a strong vision for the future of space.”

“In terms of utility, we would love to partner with companies like Tiffany & Co. or Louis Vuitton.”

A few IRL partners are already lined up for future projects after the Mint wraps up, which sweetens the pot for the chains’ potential clientele. Of course, as Chains knows, few things are sweeter than turning your unique NFT into a matching jewel.


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