Children’s jewelry heist | The original jewelry making fair | South Pasadenan


The Jewelry Heist merges entertainment and jewelry making with its carefully selected 1930s-style set design and lighting. Once in the doorway, guests, visitors or partygoers are invited to become treasure hunters and star designers by searching trunks, luggage and trash cans weathered and traveled the world and creating their own unique loot.

Loot materials change seasonally and can include shark teeth and beetle wings, shimmering unicorns and mermaids, real scorpions or spiders captured in resin, feathers, crystals, seashells and bones , as well as hundreds of glass, wood and gemstone beads and symbolic metal & colorful charms suitable for any princess or pirate of ANY age.

The design team handles all the technical variables such as measuring, crimping, and adding clasps behind the bar so that guests can enjoy the creative journey without having to use any tools. This ensures that guests can return home with finished, wearable masterpieces.

The recommended age for Kidd’s Jewelry Heist is 5-105!

The Jewelry Heist is world famous for its birthday parties and has gained notable fame by being featured in the Los Angeles Times and the globally watched BLIPPI show on YouTube.

The show has also been a featured attraction at Country Music’s Stagecoach Festival and Malibu Chili Cookoff.

Currently, Jewelry Heist operates by reservation only. No minimum or deposit is required to visit. No more than 6 guests at a time.

The Jewelry Heist will also feature an outdoor vacation boutique for those looking to purchase the salon’s own take-out jewelry line designed by Kelly Kidd. The most popular gift idea in the range for 2020…. Mask chains!

The store will launch in mid-November on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in front of the Mission Street store in South Pasadena.

Children’s jewelry breaker
1510 Mission Street (inside the dinosaur farm)
Pasadena Sud, Ca 91030


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