Contemporary jewelry brand, Youlry presents its one-of-a-kind collection, Bella Donna


(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Mumbai, Maharashtra June 14, 2022 ( – Launched 2021, is a contemporary gold jewelry brand inspired by today’s generation. Her collections are youthful, effortless and chic, each with a distinctive style and unique story. The brand celebrates youth and expresses its style with designs that range from intricate and delicate to contemporary and bold. The brand has made waves with its trendy jewelry and its beautiful stories.

Bella Donna is Youlry’s newest labor of love. Crafted in pure 18k gold, this collection is a limited edition masterpiece featuring just 13 exclusive rings. Each of these rings is one of a kind and will never be made again, making Bella Donna a truly coveted and unique collection of exquisite jewelry.

While the design language is inspired by the Indian musical element – ghungoor¸ Bella Donna interprets her muse in various and beautiful ways. We meet many people in our lives. All impress us. But, only a few of those impressions remain for good. Made by people, stay in our lives for good. These are the rare and precious treasures we hold dear – beautiful souls who add meaning to our experience and our existence. Each time we discover these souls, our hearts fill with music and dance with joy. So, as we go through life, our search for these treasures is eternal.

The Bella Donna Collection is an ode to this experience of discovery, wonder and happiness. Each piece is one of a kind and promises to change our lives forever.

It took 13 long months to bring these pieces to life. This includes conceptualization and creation. This is why even if the number 13 probably brings bad luck to many, for the Bella Donna, 13 is a birthmark.

The collection embodies music, rhythm, fluidity and movement through each piece. The elegance of gold is offset by enamel inlays in pastel hues and brilliant whites to create incredibly varied stories. The Bella Donna collection also plays with textures using an intriguing mix of highly polished surfaces, milgrain and twisted yarns to give pieces a tactile feel.

“Bella Donna is much more than a collection of jewelry. It is a rare and precious treasure, worthy of those who truly seek it with all their being. – Anjali Rawat, Creative Director, Digital Dogs Content and Media

The launch of a collection as unique and exclusive as this can be nothing less than unforgettable. And did not disappoint. Since it took the team 13 months to design and create each ring in this collection, the brand decided to create a campaign that celebrates the craftsmanship and enigma of each piece in an enchanting way – The Quest for Bella Donna.

The campaign is a wonderful combination of mystical storytelling and precise marketing that promises to get people hooked. The Quest for Bella Donna traces the history of the collection back to the beginning of time, creating a journey of cosmic beauty and deep mystery. The rings themselves are described as rare treasures, hidden in the farthest corners of the earth, waiting to be claimed. The whole look is based on the unveiling of 13 of the world’s best kept secrets, hitherto unknown to mankind. Bella Donna’s Quest invites people to join the journey, seek out their own masterpieces and discover the rare.

“Since each of these rings is one of a kind, it’s really important for people to know that when they own a Bella Donna piece, no one else in the world will have anything like it. The Quest for Bella Donna is a beautiful concept designed by our communication partners, Digital Dogs Content & Media Pvt Ltd. to capture the mystery and beauty of the collection while inspiring everyone to claim their own masterpiece. Nishit Nanda, CEO,

The Bella Donna collection is an emotion to discover on Whoever finds it keeps the treasure. So if you want to get your hands on something truly unique, visit and check out your Bella Donna.


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