Continental Diamond becomes the first jewelry store in Minnesota to accept Bitcoin


Continental Diamond, a St. Louis-based jewelry store, has partnered with BitPay to allow its customers to use bitcoin as payment.

  • Continental Diamond, a St. Louis-based jewelry store, will begin accepting bitcoin as payment.
  • Continental partners with BitPay to facilitate bitcoin payments.
  • Earlier this week, the famous fashion house Gucci also started accepting bitcoin.

Continental Diamond, based in St. Louis Park, is now the first jewelry store in Minnesota to accept bitcoin as payment in its family business, according to a Press release.

“We are constantly innovating and creating an oasis you can’t wait to come back to! Accepting cryptocurrency seemed like a natural next step in adapting to the changing behaviors and preferences of our customers,” said Jimmy Pesis, co-owner and president of Continental Diamond.

Continental Diamond will use the infrastructure provided by BitPay to facilitate the use of bitcoin as a means of payment. BitPay creates a seamless experience for customers who want to use bitcoin for payment with the addition of simple payment buttons with custom integrations allowing companies like Continental to easily accept bitcoin.

One of the benefits for Continental of using this service is that BitPay protects businesses from volatility by ensuring they receive every dollar charged for buying BTC with daily settlements for a 1% fee.

Other retailers and luxury fashion brands have also started accepting bitcoin. Earlier this week, Gucci, the famous fashion house, announcement they would pilot the acceptance of bitcoin as a form of payment in five locations.

Continental commented on its ability to constantly innovate to meet the needs and wants of its customers while creating a welcoming environment that customers want to return to.

“For years, we’ve had an in-store playroom for the kids of shopping parents, freshly baked cookies when you walk through the door, an educational and customer-focused approach, and more recently, a service of text to shop,” Pesis said.

Continental has clearly demonstrated its ability to innovate by accepting bitcoin as the ebb tide of retail turns into a digital experience.

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