Dimitra Zorba talks about her jewelry brand Paron Athens


ATHENS — Dimitra Zorba started his career as a graphic designer, but in the process his professional career changed. After 13 years in the field of publications, including the National Herald, she began her beautiful career in the field of jewelry creation. The result is its sole owner of the new brand, Paron Athens, through which Dimitra offers the buying public jewelry inspired by ancient Greece adapted, however, to the aesthetics of today.

Using metal and materials from nature, Dimitra creates jewelry that stands out for its elegance and simple, modern lines. In fact, recently we saw some of Dimitra’s jewelry worn by the protagonists of Antenna’s hit series “Agries Melisses” (Wild Bees).

Impressive examples of Paron Athens jewelry, bags and accessories. Photo: Courtesy of Dimitra Zorba Paron Athens

She spoke with TNH about her jewelry and what inspires her.

TNH: How did Paron Athens get started and what does it bring to the jewelry industry?

Dimitra Zorba: First of all, let me say that behind the brand there is a large and remarkable team and without it, the idea of ​​Paron Athens would not have seen the light of day. It was born from the deep admiration we have for ancient Greece and the challenge of marrying our inspiration from museum exhibits and wall painting forms with the modern and simple lines of today, creating jewelry that combines glamor from the past to the liveliness of the present.

TNH: What inspires you the most?

DZ: The light, our living heritage, and the desire to maintain the strong presence of our rich culture today, in each of our daily activities.

TNH: Which materials do you like the most and why?

DZ: We like natural materials, gold, silver, stones, timeless materials that have quality and offer aesthetic pleasure to every human being.

However, our creativity does not stop at jewelry. Our collection includes bags and accessories in natural cotton with a print inspired by the Antikythera mechanism. Particular emphasis is placed on timelessness, “time” and the importance it has for each of us. The bags and accessories are available in different designs and colors, to accompany the wearer in town or on a trip.

Impressive examples of Paron Athens jewelry. Photo: Courtesy of Dimitra Zorba Paron Athens

TNH: Your jewels have wonderful names that start with the letter F. On what criteria were they selected?

DZ: The letter Φ in ancient Greece means FOS (light) and the light is Greece itself. How do we understand the letter Φ? It is the “I” (iota) as a small amount of radiation, which constantly feeds the “O” (omicron) space. This is exactly the meaning of the Light code…because Φ…means Light.

Φ, as a technical part, stands out throughout the jewelry series, even our logo.

The F of the Greek alphabet is the 21st letter, the year in which the idea of ​​bringing the past into the present was born in us. In this sense, the name and logo of the Paron Athens brand reflect the harmony of marriage and are engraved with the Φ, and indicate the place where the idea took shape, Athens.

TNH: We learned that the protagonists of the hit series “Agies Melisses” (Wild Bees) wear your creations. How did this collaboration come about?

DZ: The initiative for the collaboration came from the executives of the popular series, as soon as the brand was posted on social media and we accepted it with great pleasure, because this wonderful production was a “backdrop very appropriate for our jewelry.

Several creations have been selected for the series. Markella Giannatou, who plays Zoe in the TV show, wore the Phyllis earrings, in perfect harmony with the heroine’s style and exquisite clothing choices, and also Maria Kallimani, who plays Emilia, wears the Fthia necklace. The truth is that we too are waiting to see the rest of our creations adorn our favorite protagonists.

Elegant jewelry from Paron Athens. Photo: Courtesy of Dimitra Zorba Paron Athens

TNH: You recently attended your first trade show. What did you take away from this experience?

DZ: Yes, we recently participated in Greece’s biggest jewelery exhibition. Conditions weren’t the best due to the difficult health situation in Greece and around the world and while it took two years to open, attendance didn’t live up to our expectations. . Nevertheless, the Paron Athens jewelry aroused the interest of the merchants who visited the exhibition and when we left, we packed our suitcases with optimism and an appetite for a lot of work, hoping that at such a time next year, we will talk about the pandemic in the past tense.

Stylish designs from Paron Athens. Photo: Courtesy of Dimitra Zorba Paron Athens
Elegant jewelry from Paron Athens. Photo: Courtesy of Dimitra Zorba Paron Athens
Elegant jewelry from Paron Athens. Photo: Courtesy of Dimitra Zorba Paron Athens
A Paron Athens necklace inspired by ancient Greece. Photo: Courtesy of Dimitra Zorba Paron Athens
A model wears Paron Athens earrings. Photo: Courtesy of Dimitra Zorba Paron Athens

More information about Paron Athens jewelry is available online: https://www.paronathens.com/fr/.


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