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MILAN During their first lockdown in Milan in the spring, friends Margherita Picardi and Gaia Venuti found the time to turn a dream into reality: to create a jewelry brand with a distinctive attitude.

Picardi, silversmith and jewelry designer and owner of the Mapi Jewelry label, and Venuti, a well-known creative entrepreneur based in Milan, wanted to fill a gap in the market. “There are so many brands that make personalized jewelry, but there aren’t so many offerings when it comes to fine jewelry with a twist,” said Venuti, who has founded a popular nail salon and will be opening the show. was a guesthouse on the isolated island of Astypalea, Greece.

Necklace “Brown Sugar” by Eroina999.
Courtesy of Eroina999

Combining Picardi’s technical skills with Venuti’s creative vision, the duo released in November the first designs of their own brand, called Eroina999. While the word Eroina, meaning “heroine” in English, conjures up “powerful and tough women,” as Picardi explained, the number 999 refers to the purest form of gold. The brand’s collections include pieces where gold, in all its nuances, is combined with colored precious stones.

Eroina999’s adventure began with the launch of “Brown Sugar”, a line featuring a necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings showing a bold 18k gold chain matched with citrine quartz in an octagonal cut. signature.

“Our jewelry isn’t for everyone, in the sense that it’s quite bold and eye-catching, and it takes a certain amount of personality to wear,” said Venuti. At the same time, Picardi noted that the aesthetic they are developing, which is linked to the style of 80s jewelry, is very versatile. “Gaia and I are very different, our clients are very diverse, what we share is the same desire to play with jewelry and the fact that we are not afraid of bright colors and bold shapes.

Infusing irony and playfulness in their brand, Picardi and Venuti also designed a summery and festive variation of the “Brown Sugar” jewelry line, creating a necklace where an octagonal cut citrine quartz or an amethyst is matched with a neon green rope inspired by sailing. , while for a more minimal style, they developed the “Dude” square gold earring designed by combining traditional and innovative 3D techniques.

Eroina999 "Love boat" Necklace

The Eroina999 “Love Boat” necklace.
Courtesy of Eroina999

From 150 euros for an earring inspired by a paperclip to 5,200 euros for an eye-catching ring combining white gold, amethyst and diamonds, Eroina999 is a direct-to-consumer sales company. “We sell the collections through our online store, but in this phase most of our customers use word of mouth and get to know us through our personal and professional connections,” said Venuti. As Picardi pointed out, the brand aims to develop a wholesale activity, particularly focused on luxury fashion stores.

If the brand does not yet offer a tailor-made service, Eroina999 at the same time allows the parts to be personalized with initials or names. “We also give people the option of having a specific style with a different stone, for example,” Picardi said. “However, given that our pieces are all handmade and we only use premium natural gemstones, we can say that each piece is in some way one of a kind.”

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