Exclusive: Laudia Yambala talks about her jewelry brand – Yambala Designs


Laudia Yambala is on the rise with her jewelry brand: Yambala Designs.

This native of Congo has lived all over the world and has perfectly perfected her art of making the most beautiful pieces of gemstone / crystal jewelry intertwined with gold, silver or brass. The way Yambala makes all of her jewelry is stylistically unique from other jewelry makers, and the bold statement of her pieces is authentically her. With choker necklaces, long necklaces, slim and cuff bracelets, rings and real chunks of chunky gemstones, this trendy new brand has everyone covered with their style. A very interesting fact about Yambala Designs: Every piece of jewelry made is spiritually cleansed with sage, among other things, to allow the amazing properties of gemstone and crystal to take full effect. Ethically sourced, Yambala Designs brings the best of the best to everyone who rocks it. We were fortunate enough to have the chance to catch up with this in demand and fabulous new jewelry designer.

The Knockturnal: How did you get started in design?

Laudia Yambala: I started to create jewelry by giving gifts to loved ones. It all started when I walked into a jewelry store one day and designed some earrings. My family and friends were very impressed with my work, encouraged me to sell my designs and finally I did. Making jewelry was my side activity. Until I started my business in 2015 when I moved to New York and decided to be self-employed.

The Knockturnal: What are your favorite pieces and why?

Laudia Yambala: My favorite pieces are the rings, necklaces and bracelets. I wear my jewelry everyday and always have a few rings, a necklace and several bracelets on. I like to wear the crystals as jewelry and match them with my outfits. My favorite crystals are moonstone, pearl, turquoise, and green garnet. Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings and transformation. Pearls are for sincerity and purity. Turquoise is for balance and enlightenment. Green garnet for prosperity and balance.

The Knockturnal: What Important Lesson Have You Learned As A Small Business Owner?

Laudia Yambala: An important lesson that I have learned as a small business owner is that we are rewarded with the value of our contributions. This law is part of my philosophy. That being said, I really pour my love into my job. I add value to my creative process by hand-picking all of my crystals. I purify and cleanse the crystals with good intentions. My goal is to create beautiful jewelry so that people can wear crystals and enjoy their healing benefits.

The Knockturnal: Do you have an important mentor in your career?

Laudia Yambala: At the moment, I don’t have a mentor in my career, but I am looking for one.

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