From pandemic passion to business: New jewelry store opens in Winnipeg


A Winnipeg jewelry business that started as a pandemic hobby opened its new storefront in a Winnipeg mall on Saturday.

Before the pandemic, Tanisha Dhillon was a model and actress in India, but found herself stuck in her bedroom in Winnipeg when pandemic restrictions hit.

Dhillon says that to avoid boredom, she started making highly decorative flower boxes, which included custom crystal pieces.

The response online has been positive, she said.

“I just remember taking about six orders a day, and then I was like, ‘Oh my God, each one takes me about six hours. When am I going to get you all?'” Dhillon said in an interview. . with CBC Manitoba Weekend morning show guest host Keisha Paul on Saturday.

She created an Etsy account to sell her creations. When the boxes caught the eye of people as far away as Australia, she knew she was onto something.

“Each corner of the store has its own personal touch, so I’m really excited for everyone to come and experience it with me,” says Dhillon. (Emile Lapointe/Radio-Canada)

“It started with flower boxes and crystals, and today it’s a full-time jewelry store. [store]. And I’m so, so grateful for all the support that I’m able to make this a full-time business.”

Her store, the Glam Bar Bazaar, aims to offer high-quality but affordable pieces, she said.

“As Indians, we love our jewelry, we love our accessories, we love to dress up,” Dhillon said. “And just for an affordable price range, finding pieces like this is a bit difficult in town.”

“Bazaar” is an Indian word that Dhillon says she was happy to incorporate into her brand, as a proud Indian businesswoman, and she looks forward to what her new storefront will bring.

“I just know that I’ve worked so hard for this and every corner of the store has its own personal touch, so I’m really excited for everyone to come and experience it with me,” she said. declared.

“Not only the storefront, but the brand is something I created from scratch.”

Bava Dhillon, Tanisha’s uncle, says her whole family is standing behind her niece and her new shop window. (Emile Lapointe/Radio-Canada)

Bava Dhillon, Tanisha’s uncle, attended the inauguration of the new window. He says his niece was a pioneering entrepreneur and shows young people that anything is possible.

“She came into my hands as a baby, until her first store opened here in Polo Park,” he said, adding that the whole family is behind Dhillon’s business.

“We love seeing the Indian community thrive.”


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