Gariel Pierce Brings Uniqueness to Teaching and Jewelry Making | New


Pierce said each student received $ 800 for the start-up money. Pierce decided to make pearl necklaces one of a kind. Because she was a happy person, her mentor suggested the Happy Girl collection. The name fits, Pierce said.

Pierce said students in the high school group go to trade shows to sell their products. She said hers was still sold.

Pierce said one thing he has learned from experience is that whatever you create has to be different.

“I’m a very sentimental person,” Pierce said. “I like to raise people.”

So, with each piece of jewelry created, Pierce decided to include a handwritten note about her mood when making it, why she made it, who it was dedicated to, a suggestion of what to wear it and the name of the piece. It was an uplifting message. She continues to include her notes with every piece of jewelry sold.

“My jewelry is unique, like every girl is unique,” ​​Pierce said. “I don’t repeat any design, and I don’t do anything that I wouldn’t wear.”

Pierce said she had to take a break from jewelry making while in school. Playing basketball, tennis, and working as a librarian didn’t leave much time for jewelry making.

Pierce started making her pearl jewelry again when she came to South Carolina and sells it in Florence, where she lives. She mainly makes earrings.


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