Gariel Pierce Brings Uniqueness to Teaching and Jewelry Making | News


Pierce said the TPR is based on three points: if you get lost, do an X; 100% participation; and all eyes on me (teacher) when I teach.

Pierce said his mission is not only to teach the child the subjects, but also how to come out in society as a productive citizen.

Teaching methods

“It’s really my calling,” Pierce said. “I use music, meditation, mindfulness, and conflict resolution in the classroom. “

“We meditate every morning,” she says.

Pierce said his students are encouraged to rate themselves from 1 to 10 a.m. to find out how they are feeling that day.

“They don’t have to do it,” she said. “And some were hesitant at first.”

Pierce said students need to learn to trust each other first before exposing their feelings. She said now the student will explain why one feels like a five and another person feels like a. These feelings can be based on something like not having time for breakfast that morning or having an argument with a sibling. They connect and support each other, she said.

Pierce also uses a “peace table” for conflict resolution. She said it had to be put on hold because of COVID, but it worked well. A student can bring another student to the table to solve a problem between them. At first, Pierce said, the students didn’t want to go to the table, but by the end of her freshman year, she said, that changed. She said you can’t walk away from the conflict. Students should learn to solve their problems with each other.


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