Handcrafted jewelry brand Klei Co creates unique and timeless pieces


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Founder of Klei Co, Ashley Goodman started creating handmade jewelry during the pandemic and has since grown her brand into a fledgling online business.

“I believe putting on a piece of jewelry can not only transform your look, but also inspire your mood and intention for the day. I want people to feel that when they wear my jewelry and know that each piece is as beautifully unique as it is. them, and it was made with them in mind,” Goodman said.

Vancity has been supporting people in our communities since 1946. As part of our Made in Vancouver series highlighting local businesses, we spoke to designer Ashley Goodman of Klei Co and her craft of crafting these beautiful pieces. To learn more about what Vancity is doing in your community, visit vancity.com

From her home studio in North Vancouver, Ashley Goodman creates beautiful and unique jewelry.

What started as a hobby has since turned into a thriving online business.

“I started working with polymer clay as a creative outlet. I had just had my second child during the height of the pandemic, and it was not only isolating, but uneventful given that I was only doing not all the typical activities of a new (second time) mom.I needed something new to explore to fill the social void in my life.

Ashley has always been drawn to creative pursuits. When she came across polymer clay earrings while browsing Pinterest, she must have tried them on herself.

“I’m the person who often wants to try and DIY something instead of buying it. I first started working with polymer clay and more recently have started working with gold filled jewelry. I’ve always loved gold jewelry, so naturally my designs have come to include the accessories I wear the most.

Ashley is Métis, born and raised in the Okanagan Valley, with ancestral ties to the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. Now residing in North Vancouver, Ashley is focused on creating timeless jewelry, made to be enjoyed for years to come.

Much thought, time and care goes into the design of each piece to ensure that Klei Co jewelry will live forever in people’s collections.

“The amount of work that goes into creating a single pair of earrings can be surprising. I condition and mix each color of clay, cut, sculpt, sand, polish and assemble each piece by hand – the amount work is disappointing for such a small object!

“My polymer clay creations are unique in that I rarely use cookie cutters to create my creations – most clay earring artists use cookie cutters (similar to cookie cutters) to create their shapes. I hand sculpt and cut my clay to create unique and one of a kind looks. For example, my beads are all hand formed which means they may not be perfectly symmetrical. However, I believe that There’s something incredibly beautiful about owning pieces that are truly handmade.

Ashley has experienced strong growth in the few months since launching Klei Co. She credits much of her success to Klei Co’s incredible online community.

“I have been very fortunate to be in contact with so many people who support me on social media. I am continually uplifted and motivated to continue to pursue this dream thanks to the support of loyal customers, followers and others fellow entrepreneurs.

As Klei Co grew Ashley was able to add more items to the collection and expanded the brand to include more special pieces.

This holiday season, Klei Co will launch the 18K SS collection, comprised of 18K gold-plated stainless steel waterproof pieces.

“I’m so excited about this line because it offers all the fine features and durability of solid gold without the high price tag. This makes for a truly accessible collection for buyers. Best of all, it won’t tarnish or fade. not when exposed to water, making it easy to wash your hands frequently.Not being able to do pop-ups or in-person markets has been a hindrance to growing a small business like Klei Co, but as things start to reopen again, Ashley is excited to meet more of her IRL clients.

“Marketplaces can play such an important role in increasing brand awareness for small businesses, especially those whose products need to be seen and touched in person to be experienced. Recently, I hosted my very first in-person buying event and it really highlighted the importance of such face-to-face opportunities.

Ashley is gearing up for a busy and exciting holiday season as Klei Co’s customer base expands and will continue to focus on her art of creating items that will last a long time.

“I don’t believe in making items that are just trendy and seasonal like mass-produced items. There’s so much more to enjoy about Slow Made items, including knowing that you’re directly supporting the artist and allowing them to continue their creative endeavours.

For more information about Klei Co, visit shopkleico.com


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