High jewelry brand Harakh makes its US debut with exquisite diamond jewelry


Just a few months ago, a new luxury jewelry brand, Harakh, made its first appearance in the United States. The name, which translates to “joy,” is actually the name of its founder, Harakh Mehta, who is part of a long line of jewelers from Mumbai, India. Recently, I had the chance to chat with him about the challenges of starting a new brand and the inspiration behind it.

Mehta, 40, is the fourth generation jeweler in a family that has been in the diamond business for decades. In fact, he says he grew up handling diamonds and jewelry as a child, always around the family business (Bombay Jewelry Group). “My great-grandfather was one of the first Indians to come to Antwerp, then my grandfather joined the business,” says Mehta. “But it was my mother who started the jewelry business that we operate today.”

After pursuing an education in the United States and spending some time at the Gemological Institute of America, Mehta returned to the family business to learn all he could about grading diamonds and creating exquisite jewelry.

“I felt there was a niche in the very high end to make really beautiful jewelry using only the highest quality stones. My family encouraged me to pursue this dream,” says Mehta, who has chose to create a luxury jewelry brand representing the spirituality of India.

Mehta, soft-spoken and sincere, established the eponymous brand in 2017. He spent hundreds of hours building the business, hand-picking the perfect craftsmen, designing the pieces and choosing the gemstones. . In fact, from putting sketches on paper to bringing certain collections to fruition, Harakh says it took about two and a half years. Of course, this includes the time it takes to source and calibrate all the perfectly matched stones.

There are only 15 artisans who touch and create the Harakh diamond pieces, from polishers to jewelers. Each piece is created by hand using ancient jewelry making techniques and a few secrets learned over the years and passed down from generation to generation. This incredibly detailed craftsmanship is combined with cutting-edge modern technology to create distinctive jewelry that fits and feels like silk.

“Being in the jewelry business was a double edged sword as the main benefit and challenge was that I had been involved in jewelry for so long. You come with the perception that you know everything, but when you investigate the higher side of the jewelry business, you see that it’s very different and you have a lot to learn,” says Mehta. “It was very difficult, but I realized that I had to pay more attention to quality, craftsmanship and I had to select each craftsman and match each with the right skill.”

Each of the Harakh collections is meant to celebrate happiness and life, and is inspired by joyful moments. “My inspiration comes from the times in my childhood that gave me joy. I remember we would go up the hills during the monsoons and see the beautiful waterfalls. They were magical.

The result of this memory is the Cascade collection of diamond jewelry that sways and quivers with every movement, perfectly reminiscent of the waterfalls of its youth. For many pieces in this line, he turned to the rose cut, which is very versatile and very translucent, just like water.

The golden Sunlight series is created using a hand granulation technique that is reminiscent of Indian fabric decoration and offers a shimmering pattern. Other lines recall the elephant (symbol of wisdom), the peacock (national bird of India), the frangipani flower (symbol of immortality), etc. The brand uses only platinum or 18k gold and premium diamonds of D, E or F color and VS/VVS and IF clarity.

For each collection, Harakh has built a story about the inspiration behind the design, and offers it in what it calls “thought cards” that are included with the purchase of each piece.

According to Mehta, the brand is always concerned with improving the lives of its artisans, associates, the environment and all things in life. With a concept of “luxury with a conscience”, the company seeks to ethically source its materials, as well as reduce waste, recycle and more. Even its packaging is made from cotton, linen and recycled paper – an odd mix for a luxury brand.

Mehta says it’s about being conscientious, noting that parent company Bombay Jewelry Group was the first jewelry manufacturer in India to be certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council (in 2013). Mehta has even served on the RJC committee for the past three years.

The luxury jewelry brand offers pieces ranging from $20,000 to over $100,000, with average prices between $40,000 and $50,000. The company also offers stunning, jewel-embellished vegan leather handbags.


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