How the Mejuri Jewelry Brand Became an Undisputed Hit (and a Celebrity Favorite)


Noura Sakkijha never set out to work in fashion. Before launching her jewelry brand, Mejuri, she studied industrial engineering and worked as a process engineering consultant after graduation. But, she soon realized that she wasn’t pursuing her true passion. “I would say I spent quite a bit of time dreaming up jewelry designs in between calculations,” Mejuri co-founder and CEO Sakkijha told TZR.

Although she didn’t initially plan on a career in the industry, fine jewelry is in Sakkijha’s roots. “I’m the third generation in my family to work in fine jewelry, so I’ve been blessed with an insider’s view and realized that brands, and even mom and pop boutiques, are focused primarily on traditional gifts and speaks to men buying for women. . As a result, the designs are classic and the prices are mostly on the high end.” The behind-the-scenes view not only led her to fill a gap in the market, but also gave her the knowledge she needed to start her own business.

“Mejuri is really known for her everyday pieces that can be worn together or separately, and you never have to take them off,” says Sakkijha. The Toronto-based label has garnered an impressive cult following from celebrities like Kate Bosworth, Jamie Chung and even Timothée Chalamet. In addition to A-listers, influencers are also devoted fans of Mejuri. The pieces are frequently worn on Jelena Cikoja, Amy Julliette Lefévre and Sabina Socol. And while there are brands like Mejuri, few have been able to match its success.

Courtesy of Mejuri

“We were one of the first brands to launch as a direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand for women to buy jewelry for themselves, as opposed to the traditional gift-giving approach,” said said Sakkijha. When creating Mejuri, research and discussions with potential customers led them to realize that many women did not previously consider buying jewelry on a regular basis. Initial campaigns focused on the message of shopping for yourself and today 75% of the brand’s customers buy the jewelry for their own collections. Sakkijha thinks Mejuri’s message is intuitive, which makes it relatively easy to embrace. “The same concept is established in several industries, so women are used to self-medicating,” she adds. “We were the pioneers of this movement in the field of fine jewelry.”

Since its debut in 2016, the label has focused on a weekly drop pattern, with each piece handcrafted in fairly limited quantities. Often, when jewelry sells out, Mejuri customers actively add their names to the waiting list for the next batch. This allows the brand to understand exactly which products to double down on and not overproduce those that don’t meet the same amount of demand. “We don’t launch big annual collections, we love our weekly drop template because it allows us to bring a selection of designs to life in a very spontaneous way, relevant to current seasons or inspirations,” Sakkijha says. Ahead of these key drops, Mejuri is creating buzz by collaborating with influencers to create product-focused campaigns, social media content, and email marketing.

Courtesy of Mejuri

Last year, its Croissant Dome collection, based on its best-selling Dome edition, stood out for the brand. Sakkijha notes that other popular sellers include the Zodiac Edition for his unique conception of astrology and everyday pieces like his Oversized thin hoops and Thin Crescent Dome Ring. “Our drops have waiting lists of up to 100,000 [people]which is the result not only of the design, but also of the story we tell around the piece and the emotional connection created,” she explains.

Currently, the jewelry expert is seeing an increase in bolder, more assertive pieces. “They can transform any look, especially for those who work from home and want to feel a little elevated.” Sakkijha says that the mark Petal drop earrings, which launched a few weeks ago and sold out within 24 hours. But regardless of the trends, she says Mejuri customers are always on the lookout for classic pieces, like her diamond necklace or bold bangle.

Courtesy of Mejuri

If you’re now itching to pick up a few pieces from Mejuri, check out some of his best-selling Crescent Dome Edition and Zodiac collections, and other customer favorites, below.


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