How to Create a Social Media Calendar for Your Jewelry Store


A step-by-step guide

One of the best ways to ensure regular and consistent social media posts for your online jewelry store is to create a social media calendar. While it may seem like a daunting undertaking to think about and assign posts on a regular schedule, it will help take a lot of the guesswork out of “what to write” and ensure a steady flow of content that helps promote your jewelry store. on social networks. Let’s go!

Create your social media calendar

The first step in creating a social media schedule is to create an initial list of posts you want to make and schedule your posts to be published at a certain time. Do some quick research and you should be able to come up with several ideas of what to write and when you should post it.

Creating a timeline is just one of the many things that make social media marketing an effective tool for promoting your jewelry store. It’s also important to know your audience and know the type of things they search for, and how your online jewelry store relates to their searches. For example, if you are known in your area as THE place to buy engagement rings, you will want to create posts for your social media timeline around engagement ring topics: size, types of rings, precious metals, diamonds vs other gemstones and much more.

Assign content to each day

After identifying your main social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can review the content you typically create and decide if you want to create a new post for that day. A general strategy to follow is to post three times a week and tie one of those posts to a deeper story you’ve written, which will make your users more engaged with your content.

Going back to our engagement ring example, let’s say one of your story-type posts is about a couple who had custom engagement rings designed at your online jewelry store. The “story” details how it was done, the expertise of your craftsmen, the choice of diamond, and basically how the product went from conceptualization to completion.

You may also look at your content from the past month and ask yourself, “Did my followers really engage with this or did they just scroll?” So, after making the decision to create a new post for the next day, you can just write it down, take a snapshot, or try to come up with an interesting title based on your original title.

Revise and update as needed

Before you start a social media calendar, you’ll want to review all of the posts you’re currently posting on your social media accounts to make sure you’re not repeating content that doesn’t rank well. It’s also a good idea to monitor keyword research to find new keywords to add to posts from a season you might not have had time to add new content to before.

Also, remember the importance of hashtags. Simply using the hashtag #jewelry or #wedding can be a good option for broad targeting, but you’ll definitely want to use more specific hashtags as well. Let’s say you wear a line of jewelry designed in Paris. You could do an article about the artist and their work, using hashtags like the artist’s name, followed by #paris or #parisjewelry.

Include holidays and important dates

One of the easiest ways to create a social media calendar is to simply add all your holidays and important dates into the appropriate categories, such as birthdays and anniversaries. This simple strategy will keep you informed of new opportunities and events, as well as remind you of existing ones. Social media can also be a fantastic way to post special events, birthdays, and special occasions.

In addition to holidays and important dates, don’t forget to use your social media calendar to schedule posts written specifically for social media. For example, consider posting an event and video showcasing your jewelry showcase event during business hours. Also, consider creating a weekly or monthly “themed” post, such as new collection launches, sales promotions, or inspirational events.

Configure notifications for reminders

If you’re not currently using social media notifications, you’ll probably want to start now. The ability to set up reminders helps ensure you don’t forget about a crucial post, and the ability to instantly receive push notifications ensures that you receive notifications whenever there’s a post on your most-followed social accounts (eg. , your Instagram account and your Facebook account). As with many things, it’s one of those things that gets better the more you use it, so we recommend setting up a few reminders each week that are good for a specific event or something. that’s relevant to your audience, then go on your regular schedule.

Again, the more you do it, the easier it gets, and if you need extra help getting started, the team at GemFind Digital Solutions is here to help! Our decades of experience as jewelry marketing experts make us the name to know when it comes to online jewelry marketing! Contact us today and find out what we can do for you!

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