LOS ANGELES, March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — geniusesculture’s leading technology company, today announced that Los Angeles-based, female-owned handmade jewelry company, ian charms, will be the first designer to release their own avatar fashion NFT collection. Known for its one-of-a-kind, bespoke charm bracelets and necklaces, Ian Charms’ avatar fashion collection marks the up-and-coming brand’s expansion beyond accessories and into physical and digital fashion. Alongside its digital fashion line with Genies, the company will also launch its physical apparel collection in April 2022.

Ian Charms is the first designer to create and launch his own avatar fashion NFT collection in The Warehouse, Genies avatar ecosystem NFT marketplace. The collection will feature a variety of playful, expressive, and limited-edition pieces including shirts, pants, puffer jackets, hats, shoes, and more, all inspired by their actual designs in the physical world.

“The beauty of Genies creator tools is the ability to empower and empower the next generation of designers, creators and brands in the age of Web3. Ian Charms has been rooted in culture and fashion through his humor and playfulness, and we’re thrilled to see them bring that vision to life through their first digital collection,” said Allison Sturges, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Genies. “Whether or not you’re an established designer, our avatar ecosystem and authoring tools will showcase the unique craftsmanship of future Web3 design prodigies, and we can’t wait to see what people come up with.”

“As a brand that values ​​self-expression, entertainment and creativity the same way we do, Genies has given us an outlet to explore new avenues with our creations and designs,” said Lisa SahakianFounder and CEO, ian charms. “We are so excited to bring our first avatar fashion collection to life, and as we went through the creative process with Genies, it was fun to imagine other possibilities of what we can create in their ecosystem. in the future.”

Genies recently launched its avatar ecosystem NFT marketplace, “The Warehouse”, based on Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, allowing users to create, buy, sell, and trade avatar apparel. affordable avatar. Following the announcement property to his creators, Genies has begun rolling out its mainstream “avatar tools” that allow users to create their own avatars, portable avatar fashion lines, avatar worlds, and interactive avatar experiences in Web3. Genies harnesses the creativity of all users (technical and non-technical) and allows creators to design and sell their own collections of avatars and fashion in the warehouse.

To create and sell your own avatar mode, apply here: genies.com/becomeaseller

Genies is the culture’s leading avatar technology company enabling humans to create their own avatar ecosystems. Genies provides tools (Genies Avatar Creator OS) that allow users to create their own avatars, wearable avatar fashion lines, avatar worlds, and interactive avatar experiences on the Web3. The company holds 99% of the celebrity market through its partnerships with Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group as the “official supplier of avatars and NFT digital products” and has cloned thousands of talents, including justin bieber, Migos, Cardi B and J Balvin. Bringing the power of NFTs and crypto to culture, Genies Avatar Ecosystem NFT Marketplace “The Warehouse” built with Dapper Labs, empowers talent, IP and creators to design and sell their avatar ecosystem creations to the masses. geniuses raised $100 million to date from investors such as by Mary Meeker Bond, NEA, Breyer Capital, and more.

Ian Charms is a woman-owned handmade jewelry company based in Los Angeles. Named “Ian” charms because the creator’s last name (Lisa Sahakian), like many Armenian names, ends with these three letters. For those who like to adorn their neck and wrists with a more personal touch, Ian Charms will work with you to create a personalized piece, just start the process. by ordering the type of personalized jewelry you want.

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