Introducing Trendolla New Jewelry Collections: “Falling Star” Vintage Silver Jewelry Set Is Going To Be Big This Fall


The “Falling star” collection was inspired by the universe we live in and the billions of stars that surround us, but it only takes one shooting star to make a wish when you catch it falling. .. This wish is your dream, something you believe in, a desire. E

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In this collection, we draw inspiration from all the amazing wishes we’ve seen.

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Let’s face it; we all want to be seen as amazing and fabulous. Yet we often feel like we don’t fit in because we don’t look like others. We are our own universe.

Trendolla Jewelry is launching a new jewelry collection. The ‘shooting star’ is the fall fashion trend that will make your 2022 stand out from the crowd

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, Aug. 24, 2022 / — About Trendolla
Trendolla is a jewelry brand known for its everyday jewelry. In your jewelry box, there will always be those few pieces that don’t exist, and you can find them right here.

They launched their brand in the United States. Creators come from all over the world. Handcrafted in-house at our state-of-the-art studio based in Hong Kong and Panyu China, each beautiful piece is designed to be as unique and authentic as you are. True craftsmanship comes from caring hands, which is why their workshop always puts quality, and more importantly, you, first.

Beliefs: There is one thing in common for all of us, a love of beautiful objects. We create timeless pieces with our fine selection of gold and silver jewelry. Style starts here. Jewelry is the companion of love. Pure shine for a lifetime of memories.

SLOGAN: Not everyone is the model, but WE all deserve to look better.

Brand Core Values: We design for life; we create for the world.

Trendolla Overview
Why is it so difficult to find dream jewelry at an affordable price? We all want to treat ourselves to the best or treat our loved ones. The best jewelry should be uniquely designed and of high quality, which always means a high price tag. But love is priceless, should you spend a fortune on jewelry? Is there an affordable choice to express love? That’s why we created Trendolla Jewelry — high quality, unique design, affordable price.
The Trendolla Jewelry team includes over 20 designers from around the world and owns and operates our production facilities to ensure the premium quality of every piece. Each piece is individually handcrafted by our team of artisan jewelry designers, paying close attention to detail and style.

Trendolla Review
“I love this necklace! The stones have color variations that go with everything. I own a lot of different pieces, but this is one of my favorites for everyday use. Its size makes it perfect to be worn alone or layered. It’s so smooth, doesn’t cling to anything and can be worn short or long. Don’t miss this piece! It is very well done and worthy of compliments!”
——Libby H.

“Dear Sir, I received my ring today. Can I compliment you on the beautiful craftsmanship and design. I am impressed with its elegant femininity and timeless classic design. Your products are so amazing, I am certain that I will be the envy of everyone at our gala.
For helping me get to this level!”
——Debbie H.

“Thank you for the beautiful engagement ring that my boyfriend gave me yesterday during his marriage proposal. I had found your website a few months ago using a Google search and was thrilled to finally find the beautiful ring with a special design. I have to admit that when I saw Falling Star I fell in love right away. I’m happy to hear Mike say that he received excellent and fast service from our company, even if ‘he called to change his order. When your engagement ring was appraised for insurance purposes, they found the ring was more valuable than you originally thought. Nothing and I’m glad you did. have been able to help. Please let me know if I can help you further.
——Teresa W.

“This company is great. When they say they take customer service seriously, they mean it, beyond what most online businesses would do. Quick example: I accidentally ordered two men’s rings for my wedding. They called me for no reason other than to make sure my order was correct. As is, the order was not correct. They also helped me find the perfect ring for my new fiancée. They even matched her engagement ring to mine so we didn’t have to swap rings! Professional with a personal touch, what could be better?”
——Gerry M.

The Shooting Star Collection:
“Tears of St. Lawrence” is the local Croatian name for a meteor shower that is found in the constellation Perseus. These showers that occur in the night sky are most visible between August 11 and 13, resembling shooting stars. It is believed that once you spot one, you make a wish, which will only come true if you don’t tell anyone.
The Falling Star collection was inspired by this phenomenon and the dream you want to achieve. By wearing this jewel, you will always be reminded to never stop believing in your dreams.

Strong points
Join in the natural awakening and embark on a journey of profound wildlife beauty.

About the designer:
IDA grew up in a family of artists with my mother, a fashion designer. Surrounded by arts and drawings in different forms, from an early age, she made me aware of its importance, creating a strong desire to create myself. She used to spend hours at my mother’s studio, where she learned all about the materials and the design process. It was a natural curse to continue on this path and pursue fashion design at the University of Textile Technology in Zagreb. Among other achievements, she was a demonstrator at the faculty (Ethnology of Fashion) and participated in the Museum of Contemporary Arts, in the “Christian Dior: New Look” fashion show, where she used unconventional materials – film strip to create an original connected dress all in one piece.

However, the strong desire to travel and explore new horizons made me push her limits, bringing her to Bali, Indonesia. There she met amazing local artists, learned all about producing and making fine jewelry, working closely with goldsmiths who made my designs a reality. She was responsible for the visual identity, the design of the collections and the entire production process.

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