Jewelegance establishes itself as the most sought-after jewelry brand


Each piece of jewelry conveys an emotional feeling and recites an expressive statement, so why not tie treasured memories to each masterpiece? One of the leading jewelry aggregator and e-commerce brands, Jewelegance offers exemplary designs and breathtaking jewelry collections that will surely make you feel honored and remind you of the memories you have shared with your loved ones. Founded in 2018, the brand has successfully completed 4 years in the ornament industry. So, to celebrate the moment, the brand has announced its “Anniversary Sale” which is set to start on May 22 and end on June 12.

From celebrating the moment of joy to the ease of comfort jewelry enthusiasts desire everyday, Jewelry elegance makes pieces that add elegance to their personality. With the emerging trend of bespoke jewelry, the brand introduces jewelry lovers to the customization option that brings them a touch of originality. Whether you want to modify one of the existing pieces or create something completely original, bespoke services cater to both. From bespoke jewelry to lightweight jewelry, the brand brings its signature magic to everyone’s accessory collection. Established on a foundation defined not by expense or exclusivity, but by an emphasis on quality, the brand prides itself on its groundbreaking collection.

The sale will lead to amazing offers like “Get 299/g making a charge on a purchase over 25 grams’ and ‘Get 399/g making a fee on a purchase over 25 grams”. Apart from that, the anniversary sale offers to include the premium package ( 50/g discount on lifetime purchases beyond 3,00,000), the gold package ( 100/g discount on lifetime purchases above 6,00,000), and the package of diamonds ( 200/g off lifetime purchases above 10,00,000). In addition to this, customers can still benefit from other attractive offers from Jewelegance, such as “EMI 0% Interest Payout Scheme”, “Book Now and Buy Later” and ” 100/g savings on all fast delivery products.

Dhruval Shah, the founder of the brand, Jewelegance says, “Our team works around the clock to provide customers with a remarkable experience that leaves no gap between the worlds of online shopping and retail. jewelry is tied to emotions and is given to commemorate key occasions in people’s lives. He added, “Love predates civilization. It is universally recognized and transcends all borders. Likewise, the jewelry discusses long-term commitment and how its artistic creation represents two people’s eternal unity. And the Jewelgance brand adheres to this standard and produces gemstones that suit all your moods and complement all your outfits.

Under the leadership of Dhruval Shah, the brand has gone from strength to strength and is walking the creative steps of success towards building a platform that values ​​the needs and wants of the customers and furthermore makes them feel like a member of the royal empire. From offering the best designs to providing high-end jewelry on a daily basis, the brand is making room for jewelry in the online segment of the market.

Each piece in the Jewelegance collection is a popular seller thanks to its international shipping services, free domestic delivery, BIS Hallmark-certified jewelry, and intricate chemistry of current and traditional designs, which range from artwork to artwork. base. Jewelegance’s customer-centric model has helped the brand gain a huge fan following on its social media handle “myjewelegance”. Following which his instagram page gained more than 250,000 subscribers. With innovation and integrity at the heart of every design, Jewelegance offers iconic necklaces and bracelets to embrace your charm and inner beauty.


Nandita BN

I had ordered a Hanuman pendant. Jewelgance had the most exquisite, intricate and unique design compared to any other top jewelry company. Initially, I was a little apprehensive but they are very responsive and professional towards customers. I am extremely satisfied with the purchase. I would definitely recommend Jewelgance.

Ezazul Haq

You have amazed me with on time delivery as promised with continuous support from product purchase to delivery, answering all my questions and making me feel stress free regarding product quality. Its security at the time of delivery and the process you followed were also fully satisfactory. The quality of the product is also impressive. I will be very happy to continue buying many more products from you.

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