Jewelry brand En Route teams up with TikTok Star Tatchi


ICT Tac influencer Tatiana Ringby aka Tatchi, partnered with mindful jewelry Mark On the way for a gender-neutral collection of playful pieces.

With funky mushroom necklaces and earingsalongside nautical shark pendants, the unisex collection celebrates gender inclusion this pride month. Tatchi, who uses her pronouns, uses her social media platform to encourage others not to apologize for who they are.

Tatchi shares in an exclusive press release, “This collection wasn’t even supposed to launch in Pride. It happened like that and it was wonderful. Each piece has sentimental value like Frankie the Shark. My shark necklace is actually a replica of my comforting toy, Frankie. I also had a connection with mushrooms. I love that it’s a gay thing now! They’re whimsical and fun – that’s what fashion should be. All pieces are about celebrating who you and who you love and feeling good about it.

Reflecting on working with social media superstar, Matilda Guo, CEO and Founder, said, “We are truly proud of redefining creativity, giving Tatchi the space to explore her own creativity was an honor. Launching an inclusive collection during Pride was just a coincidence, but that’s the whole point of the collection, being proud of who you are.

Each piece is crafted with the nostalgia and carefree spirit of childhood, resulting in a wearable celebration and an expression of hope for future generations.

Take a look at the collaboration between Tatchi and En Route above. The collection is available at The En Route online store.


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