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Looking at Luca Cantarelli’s Instagram profile, it’s not immediately clear whether this is a brand page or a source of inspiration, and after years of ping-ponging between the teams of designing fashion and fine jewelry houses, Cantarelli felt the time had come to channel that creativity into a solo jewelry project.

“As the pandemic escalated, I felt the need to unleash my creative voice. In my previous jobs [within design studios], I always had the feeling that it was stifled and seen as too bold, just too much, ”said the designer.

After a year of preparation, its first namesake collection debuted earlier this year with a small range of pieces crafted in silver and featuring minimalist, clean, sport-tinted lines, enriched with enamels and gemstones, such as sapphires, quartz, malachite and garnet.

A silver, enamel and gemstone ring signed Luca Cantarelli.
Courtesy of Luca Cantarelli

Nicknamed “Second Round”, the collection gives a nod to Cantarelli’s history. After graduating in law, he studied fashion design at the Burgo Institute in Milan before working alongside fashion designer Chicca Lualdi and then landing a job at Milanese jewelry brand Spallanzani.

Since its creation, Cantarelli has targeted a specific clientele for its gender-neutral creations, made up of men passionate about sports attracted by the geometric lines of jewelry and bourgeois ladies who want to have fun with well-executed but accessible pieces.

“I designed my jewelry so that they could be worn by both,” Cantarelli said. “Not only is the genderless approach hot right now, but most of all, it truly represents who I am. With my collection, I talk about values ​​that are really close to my heart, ”he added.

Influenced by a raw aesthetic drawn from counter-cultures and the London underground scene, he released the second batch of jewelry featuring images featuring bodybuilder Clara Sella and musician Thomas Costantin.

Advertising campaign for the Luca Cantarelli jewelry brand

Professional bodybuilder Clara Sella and musician Thomas Costantin present advertising campaign images for jewelry brand Luca Cantarelli.
Filippo Thiella / Courtesy of Luca Cantarelli

The pieces are produced entirely in Italy by a silversmith based in Valenza and the use of silver allows the designer to experiment with shapes and construction while offering affordable prices between 250 euros and 500 euros.

The collection is sold through the brand’s e-commerce site and Cantarelli is slowly but steadily trying to build a wholesale network. “It’s not easy when you’re an emerging brand to get noticed and adopted by established retailers,” he said. Currently available at the Ivan Perini online jewelry store, the brand is in talks with potential new dealers.

“It’s only the start and it’s difficult, but I’m proud. I had no family ties in the world of jewelry, which is very closed, but I continued to persevere, and here we are, it is a message of hope for all the young designers there ”, did he declare.


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