Jewelry making is alive and well on Facebook


(PRESS RELEASE) Despite the pandemic and what many believe to be a decline in interest in handmade jewelry, Alan Revere has found a formula to address both issues.

Revere is a master silversmith, award-winning designer and author of seven jewelry books. Founder and director of the recently closed Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, Revere now teaches via the Internet.

For the past three years, he has led a Facebook group, called “Let’s Make Professional Jewelry,” focused on replicating projects from his classic book, Professional Jewelry Making. The book includes photos and instructions on how to handcraft 35 classic pieces of jewelry. The group has grown to 20,000 members in 150 countries.

“The group started when a few people decided that they would like to follow the projects in my book and do them one at a time, but in different places,” says Revere. “When the group had six members, someone contacted me and I was invited to join. At that point, I became the administrator, set a schedule, and started running the program. “

The group follows Revere’s book very closely, as the members sit at their own benches across the world. Every three weeks, a new project is presented. Members are invited to publish their work with comments. Then admins and other members respond and offer their own comments and suggestions to help the creator move forward.

“Four years ago, I retired and closed the doors of my school, thinking my teaching days were over. It has been an unexpected ray of hope in retirement, ”said Revere. “In my school I guided 15 students at a time – now there are thousands! It’s a win / win. I can continue to pass on skills in the craft I love – and new jewelry designers are born, ”says Revere.


During the pandemic, as people were shut down and isolated, members of the group said learning a new skill was a lifeline.

“I am writing to thank you all for providing a lifeline to a world to which I am no longer so connected. Thanks to all of you who gave me something to read on Facebook that was not politically caustic and disheartening. I was reminded that many of you are doing your thing and working to do it better. Thank you for saving my sanity and for being the first thing I run on the computer every morning, ”wrote participant Christine Rizzi-Archer from Connecticut.

Although locked up during the pandemic, members may be in communication with other people around the world who were working on the same project at the same time. Administrators remove anything that is irrelevant. As a result, the group developed a sense of community. “It was an antidote to the virus,” Revere says.

While there are dozens of online jewelry courses and tutorials, “Let’s Make Professional Jewelry” is an affordable introduction to the profession of jewelry making. Aside from the cost of a book, or $ 9.99 for the eBook, group membership, attendance, instructions, and comments are all free.

Due to interest from the Facebook group, Revere’s book Professional Jewelry Making was recently out of print and had to be reprinted. It is now back on the shelves.

The group begins in June a new year of projects. It welcomes beginners, hobbyists, students, serious manufacturers, jewelry artists, professional jewelers, designers, manufacturers and others who are interested in how jewelry is made by hand. The directors, like Revere, are all professionals in the field and include Michael David Sturlin, Melissa Muir and Tim McCreight.


Interested parties can find the group by searching “Let’s Make Professional Jewelry” on Facebook.

The book, Alan Revere’s Professional Jewelry Making, is available from a number of industry suppliers including Rio Grande, Otto Frei, and more. and via Amazon.


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