Jewelry Store Staff Fight Smash-And-Grab Team Of Thieves In Wild Video


A group of jewelry store workers retaliated with punches, kicks and even furniture when thieves attempted to rob their store, surveillance video showed.

Surveillance video shared by princess bride diamonds in Huntington Beach, California, shows a group of hooded people running through the store. In the video, one person smashes a jewelry display case with a hammer while three accomplices fan out through the store, holding backpacks.

But a few seconds later, two employees of a jewelry store – identified by NBC 4 Los Angeles as sister and brother Sarah and Dallas Baca – rush to the scene and start punching and kicking intruders.

The jewelry store employees can be seen fighting off would-be thieves.Princess Bride Diamonds via TODAY

A third person can be seen attacking one of the thieves with a chair, while another person stands by with a phone.

The would-be thieves escaped without taking any jewelry and none of the employees were injured.

Princess Bride Diamonds shared a photo of the broken window display to the store's Instagram story.
Princess Bride Diamonds shared a photo of the broken window display to the store’s Instagram story.princessbridediamonds/Instagram

The family-owned jewelry store shared footage of the attempted robbery on its Instagram Story, along with a message about the incident.

“We just experienced a crash and seizure at our store,” the company wrote. “We fought back and it’s okay. Luckily, they couldn’t get anything thanks to our super team. We will be closed for the next 4 days and by appointment only.

The Huntington Beach Police Department also tweeted about the incident, which happened on May 22.

“Around noon today, a smash & grab incident occurred at Bella Terra. No major injuries were reported and the suspects fled the area. We are actively investigating this incident and will provide updates as soon as possible. “They will be available. There is no threat to public safety related to this incident,” police wrote on Twitter.


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