KBJ Group Expands Into KBJ Bullion & Jewelry, Ready to Establish Pan-Indian Franchise


KBJ Group, the multi-sector company from Mumbai, India, has expanded to KBJ Bullion & Jewelry. Led by its current Executive Director Aksha Kamboj, KBJ Group has always been a leading company in terms of diversification. Hospitality, real estate and jewelry are just a few of the many businesses in the KBJ Group. With KBJ Bullion & Jewelry, the company wishes to establish its presence in the bullion market.

The gold business is a huge market all over the world. Considering the flexibility it offers in gold trading, the popularity of the market is always on the rise. KBJ Group, under the leadership of Aksha Kamboj and his team of experts, wishes to explore this potential market through KBJ Bullion & Jewelry. The KBJ group itself has many years of experience in gold trading which makes KBJ Bullion & Jewelry a solid company. They also have a national network of investors. Aksha Kamboj’s husband, Mohit Kamboj alias Mohit Bharatiya, will be instrumental in running this new company, given his own expertise.

“KBJ Bullion & Jewelry will be a pan-Indian franchise,” Aksha Kamboj said when asked about the scope of the new company. KBJ Group aims to become a leading marker in the gold market. Creating a brand that takes events in the gold market to the next level is an essential goal for them. Aksha Kamboj and her husband Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya both want KBJ Bullion & Jewelry to set new standards in the bullion market.

“We have run several companies in various industries with great success. KBJ Bullion & Jewelry will join KBJ Group’s list of successful companies, ”said Aksha Kamboj. Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya is also assured of the excellence and success of KBJ Bullion & Jewelry.


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