Laura Gallon Joaillerie – A French jewelry brand inspired by a family heritage


(PRESS RELEASE) In a gesture full of optimism for the new year, jewelry designer Laura Gallon unveiled a new brand, Laura Gallon Joaillerie, inspired by the work of her great-grandparents, who were jewelers in France at the beginning of the 20th century.

The brand’s first jewelry collection is called “Alice”, named after Laura Gallon’s great-grandmother. The collection is based on a pair of fan-shaped platinum and diamond Art Deco earrings created by Gallon’s great-grandfather, Georges Gallon, for Alice in 1920.

“The Alice collection is, in essence, a love story,” says Laura Gallon. “These beautiful Art Deco earrings were passed down to my father who in turn passed them on to me. It represents a tribute to my jewelry heritage.

The brand was launched on January 1, 2022 and the jewelry from the collection is available exclusively on the newly launched site:

The Alice collection has a decidedly Art Deco influence. All pieces are made in France in historic workshops known for their artisanal details. Some workshops specialize in specific trades, such as setting or mother-of-pearl inlay. The jewelry contains the mystique and essence of jewelry from a country known for its romantic expressions in designs and craftsmanship.

Despite their Art Deco nature, the new pieces reflect a contemporary quality and contain a much more diverse group of materials not normally used for jewelry from this period. The collection of 21 18k yellow, white and rose gold earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets is set with a variety of colored gemstones.


The pieces are delicate in their designs with striking understated details. For example, an 18k yellow gold necklace titled “Angel” features an 18k gold and diamond wing-shaped pendant. A round diamond acts as a focal point on the top of the pendant. On the background, the iridescent shine of mother-of-pearl is revealed.

The band of the “Enlacer” ring is fashioned in 18k white gold in a wave pattern. In the center of the ring is a blue and purple spinel surrounded by a chain of white diamonds.

The “Parisienne” ring celebrates the City of Light with an emerald-cut pink spinel framed by triangular shapes in 18-carat white gold paved with diamonds.

For the 32-year-old Frenchwoman, this new brand and this new collection represent both her personal taste and the heritage of her family.

“It’s definitely a form of self-expression. It reflects who I am as a person,” Gallon said. “I’ve been taking dance lessons since I was three years old. non-verbal communication. Creating jewelry is one way for me to do that. My pieces are feminine and elegant at the same time. Timeless rather than trendy. These are pieces designed to be worn years from now.”

Laura Gallon Joaillerie is actually a rebrand. Gallon, who currently lives in Los Angeles, launched her jewelry business under Aura Fine Gems in 2020 where she showcased two collections with names inspired by her fashion journey: “Haute Color” and “Ready-To-Wear.”


Laura Gallon Joaillerie, launched on January 1, 2022, combines Gallon’s personal expression with her family heritage and French know-how. All these influences intertwine to create contemporary jewelry that is both elegant and designed to be worn throughout the day.

Gallon, spent her early career in Paris in the fashion industry working in the marketing departments of Elie Saab, Chloé and other fashion brands. She then moved to New York where she attended Parsons School of Design. During this time, she worked in marketing and public relations for Vogue magazine, Christian Dior, Karla Otto and Net-A-Porter. She continued her career in the south of France where she worked in digital marketing for luxury resorts.

Throughout her career, Gallon befriended artists and designers who fueled her creative passion. She also developed an appreciation for jewelry design, which she says is triggered by the fact that her family were jewelers in the early 20th century in the French town of Orléans, about 75 miles south of Paris.

She went to London to study at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). She described studying gemology and jewelry as “love at first sight” and later decided to continue her studies at the GIA headquarters in Carlsbad, California. After graduating as a graduate gemologist and a certificate in jewelry design, she was hired by a jewelry manufacturer in Los Angeles where she worked in design and production, gemstone sourcing, as well as management. website and social media. She also served as a point of contact for the creation of custom pieces.

“Then Covid hit, and I had a lot of free time,” she says. “That’s when I decided to create Aura Fine Gems.”

Her new brand centers on the history of her family who were jewelers selling fine jewelry, silver dining sets and porcelain items until the outbreak of World War II forced them to relocate. in Paris. Without a successor, the case ended. For Gallon, following this legacy is like “building a puzzle and putting the pieces together”.


“For me, this family heritage is very special. It gives meaning to everything I do. During the Second World War, my great-grandparents left Orléans and emigrated to Paris. The business ended upon their deaths. It is an honor for me to bring it back to life. »

But the love story continues. Across generations and across oceans, this story has been re-imagined through a set of earrings that has survived within the same family for 100 years. A token of love that fueled a family legacy and is now shared with the world.


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