Local jewelry store sees increased engagement ring sales during pandemic


COLORADO SPRINGS — Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day is usually the most popular time of year to get engaged, and the pandemic hasn’t changed that. In fact, a co-owner of a local jewelry store says it actually helped the store’s sales.

Andrew Graff co-owns and also manages Luisa Graff Jewelers in Colorado Springs. He says the store has seen steady business throughout the pandemic.

“We bought a lot of our core products, which were diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, diamond pendants,” Graff said. “I think it’s because people couldn’t travel, people actually had a bit more disposable income. Also, if you’re giving a gift, that’s something that might encourage someone who is Out of order.”

Graff says her store saw an almost 8% increase in engagement ring sales, while stores nationwide saw a 10% increase.

“There were a lot of people who wanted to come and get gifts, so they could give something that would make someone else happy,” Graff said.

Many marriage proposals have been affected by the pandemic, whether it’s planning the big moment or delaying the engagement altogether.

However, the couples made the best of a difficult situation. Many have spent even more time together, forming a stronger bond over the past year.

“During the pandemic, we’ve definitely bonded. We’ve spent so much time together. We’ve really gotten to know each other on a different level,” said Veronica Wright, whose fiancé proposed to her last summer in the middle of the pandemic.

“There were definitely a lot of challenges. We overcame it all and we’re more than happy to be where we are today, happily engaged,” Wright said.

Wright said planning her wedding was difficult due to COVID restrictions. With the restrictions in place and the uncertainty ahead, many more have put their wedding planning on hold. Meanwhile, weddings have also been postponed due to the pandemic.

Luisa Graff Jewlers has been in business for over 40 years. Currently, they are running a “Snow and Ice” promotion for Valentine’s Day. If it snows 3″ or more on February 21, anyone who purchased jewelry between January 15 and February 14 will be refunded.


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