Local mother-and-daughter-owned jewelry store creates cute and fun pieces


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Rachel Omer and her daughter Paige joined us today and showed us their cute and cozy handmade bracelets.

Rachel Omer said she started her business, Libbies’s Bracelets, a few years ago when she and her daughter Paige noticed that a beaded bracelet Paige wore every day still looked brand new afterward. a year. Inspired by the design of the bracelet, the Omers began making their own using flat Japanese glass beads to ensure comfort, durability and style. Many of the patterns on the bracelet have special meaning and the lightweight design of the bracelet means you hardly notice it’s there and you can wear it anytime while doing anything.

Paige Omer shared that the company’s name comes from an abbreviated version of “freedom”. The business is run by Rachel Omer and assisted by Paige and her two other daughters as well as Omer’s sister and other women. Wristbands can be custom ordered for sporting events, celebrations or any other event where a customer may want a special wristband. Libbie’s wristbands can also be found in select stores or their custom designs for business can be found in company stores, such as the designs for Capitol Reef National Park.

Viewers can find Libbie’s bracelets online on their website https://libbiesbracelets.com/pages/about-us or on Instagram and Facebook at @libbiesbracelets

Viewers can also receive 15% off online using promo code “GTU15”


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