Longtime Conway Jewelry Store Closing: ‘I’m Gonna Miss My Customers’ | New


Thirty-three years of making sure customers are satisfied.

That’s how Shirley Todd ran her jewelry store that says goodbye to its customers after more than three decades. The store closed along Conway’s Main Street on Saturday.

Todd’s love for jewelry and ensuring his customers are taken care of began over 33 years ago. In fact, she has been in the jewelry business for 55 years. Her career began at Dennis Jewelers, where she worked for over two decades.

Samantha Hooks, Todd’s daughter who has been with the business for 32 years, said Shirley’s Jewelers opened in 1989 after Dennis closed in downtown Conway.

“Everyone knew her as Shirley who worked at Dennis Jewelers,” Hooks said.

For years people vacationing in the area never missed an opportunity to stop by the store when traveling around County Horry.

“Things like this mean a lot to me,” Todd said.

And all of Todd’s clients have become family.

“We’ve taken care of our customers when they have a problem, and that means a lot to us when we can do that,” Todd said. “We did a lot of special things for them. I will miss my customers who always come.

Hooks took over store operations for the past year as Todd struggled with his health, including a battle with COVID-19. Last fall, Hooks also fell ill with the virus, which she says led her to develop asthma and other complications.

Now is the time to put their health first – one of the main reasons the store is closing,” Hooks said.

“It was the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make,” Hooks said. “We will miss our customers, but I have to put my health first and I have to try to improve myself.”

The store was originally scheduled to close on May 7, but the outdoor sale was such a success that there was hardly any merchandise left on Friday.

“It went faster than we thought,” Hooks said.

The last day of the store was Saturday.


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