Looters raid San Jose jewelry store


A gang of masked goons destroyed and robbed a San Jose jewelry store Thursday afternoon, the latest sweeping raid to hit a business in California.

Four suspects entered the Quick Service Jewelry Design at the Eastridge Mall and used hammers to smash shop windows before making off with jewelry, according to the police.

The thieves escaped authorities and there were no injuries in the incident, police said.

Two weeks ago, a flash mob attacked a San Francisco-area Nordstrom, stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. A few days later, up to 40 thieves broke into a Louis Vuitton store across from Union Square in San Francisco.

In recent weeks, Los Angeles-area looters stole $25,000 in high-end goods after attacking a security guard with bear spray and rampaging through a department store.

Other similar large-scale thefts also took place in Chicago.

The incidents are believed to be part of a ring that recruits young people to steal items to sell online for profit.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed on Thursday that the COVID-19 pandemic was “a root cause” of the crimes.


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