Luminous Diamonds® – New Fine Jewelry Brand Introduces Rare Fluorescent Diamonds


NEW YORK, November 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Every woman has an inner light, but only certain diamonds do. Fluorescent stones are extremely rare, formed in unique geological conditions that create diamonds with an amazing inner brilliance that flashes in sunlight and emits a magical glow in UV lighting.

Luminous Diamonds® is a new fine jewelry brand emphasizing the wondrous characteristic of fluorescence through a collection of daring earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. Inspired by a woman’s inner light and strength, the pieces are designed with the shape of a freeform hexagon as the central motif to celebrate each woman’s individualistic spirit. Offerings range from diamonds that can be worn as everyday luxury, to high fashion jewelry, each carrying an intimate, hidden message, contained within a central vortex of light, only revealed when the wearer wishes.

Celebrating the women who will buy and wear these diamonds, the brand is launching Greatness is made under pressure, a series of campaigns on the classic Queen song Under pressurewhich features resilient and fearless women who take the pulse of modern empowerment by standing alone, reflecting the spirit of women around the world who are challenged, yet still shine – please watch the brand’s film here : The list includes a WNBA athlete Skylar Diggins Smithlawyer and travel writer Cynthia Andrerevolutionary hip-hop violinist Ezinma, genderfluid advocate Elliott Marinersplus size model Denis Bidotand a successful model and photographer after 60 – Marian Moneymaker. In the video series, the women talk about the pressures they face in society, but the joy and freedom they find in staying true to themselves by following their inner light – please see the stories here:

“These diamonds are beautiful, luminous and make a statement. They reflect how modern women wear confidence like a rare gem, and they challenge us all to stand out by sharing our inner selves,” says Rebecca FoersterPresident Alrosa UNITED STATES. “Greatness in people, like diamonds, comes under pressure. When a woman follows her own inner light, others see it. Our diamonds are a lasting reminder of that light.”

Each piece in the introductory collection of 28 Luminous Diamonds® designs will come in a special jewelry box which contains a UV source inside and will make the unboxing experience truly exceptional. They will also come with an exclusive report for Luminous Diamonds Glow Report by AGS Laboratory in addition to its regular grading certificate which includes the traditional “four Cs” (cut, clarity, color and carat weight).

The Greatness Is Made Under Pressure campaign series shows each piece in natural and ultraviolet light to show that the brilliance of each luminous diamond is as unique and remarkable as the woman who wears it.

About Luminous Diamonds®: As the world’s most respected source of fluorescent diamonds, Luminous Diamonds® ensures that each piece is natural, unique and rare, with a stunning inner luster that flashes in sunlight and emits a magical glow in UV lighting. Luminous Diamonds® selects only the most fluorescent diamonds, ranging from medium to very strong intensities to create pieces that reflect a woman’s inner radiance and grandeur to create luminous symbols of resilience and individuality. As a brand, Luminous Diamonds® celebrates and supports a woman’s journey to find and follow her inner light.

About Fluorescent Diamonds: The dazzling inner glow of a fluorescent diamond comes from the presence of specific elements naturally formed in a diamond during the carbon crystallization process. In some diamonds, under specific conditions, the nitrogen atoms form a sufficiently large number of N3 centers – perfect triangular patterns surrounding a gap – which interact with UV light changing the diamond’s tint to a soft blue glow. Fluorescence is not only magical and beautiful to observe, it also serves as a unique signature of your diamond’s natural origins.

The Luminous Diamonds® promise: Our diamonds are 100% natural, non-conflict, mined and cut in accordance with the best practices of social and environmental responsibility. Luminous Diamonds® parent company, Alrosa, is a philanthropic pioneer in the diamond industry, contributing more than $150 million each year to social and charitable projects and the protection of the environment around its mines. Alrosa ranks among the most environmentally friendly Russian mining brands according to the World Wide Fund for Nature, the United Nations Development Program and the Global Environment Facility.

Luminous Diamonds® is made in cooperation with A. Link & Co., SDC Designs and M. Suresh, leading jewelry manufacturers renowned for quality, excellence and service to their retailers.

The collection is available online at and at authorized independent jewelers and specialty retailers nationwide

FOR MORE INFORMATION: @luminousdiamonds

SOURCE Luminous Diamonds

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