Man arrested in connection with several robberies in a jewelry store: cops


ORLAND PARK, IL — A serial jewelry thief wanted in connection with several robberies at jewelry stores in the southern suburbs was arrested last month, Orland Park police told Patch.

Aaron Hicks, 29, has been identified as the man who stole a $12,500 necklace from Zevar Jewelers over the summer, police said. After learning of Hicks’ method, authorities said they were able to compare case notes with other nearby police departments and learned of “several” other robberies in which the Chicago man was may -be linked.

According to an Orland Park police statement, Hicks went to the jewelry store in Orland Square Mall twice before attempting to take the necklace. Each time, the store employee told officials he showed Hicks the necklace, answered questions about the item, and then put the item away before Hicks left.

On the third visit to the store, police say Hicks asked to see the necklace again and when given the item, he put it on and fled before fleeing the mall. The store clerk said Hicks gave a name and number before holding the necklace, as it should, but later learned both were fake.

Orland Park Police coordinated with local departments to discuss evidence from the chain of jewelry thefts and told Patch they discovered Norridge Police had “significant evidence” that helped the authorities to identify Aaron Hicks.

Later, detectives said they discovered the $12,500 necklace had been illegally sold for part of the original price. Chicago police arrested Hicks on Dec. 24 in connection with a call unrelated to a domestic disturbance.

Hicks will be in court on January 12 and faces a theft charge.


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