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MILAN – Maria Sole Ferragamo’s passion for jewelry began when she was only nine years old and her mother gave her a kit to create pearl pieces. “I started making a lot of them and selling them at the beach,” said Ferragamo, one of the children of Salvatore Ferragamo’s non-executive chairman Leonardo Ferragamo.

A natural beauty with intense blue eyes and a sophisticated allure, the young jewelry designer – who founded sustainable jewelry brand So-le Studio in London in 2017 – recently moved her head office to an industrial area in Milan. From there, she designs and develops her iconic accessories, which she makes by hand-sorting the leftover leather and metal that she sources from various Italian manufacturing companies. A selection of his creations is part of an installation during Milan Design Week at the Rossana Orlandi Milano gallery.

A graduate in architecture from the Politecnico University of Milan, Maria Sole Ferragamo realized very early on that she was not made to devote herself exclusively to the design phase. “I have always felt this urge to use my hands. I like the tactile experience; I love to experiment with materials, ”she said. For this reason, after graduation, she followed her passion and moved to London to pursue a master’s degree in jewelry design at Central Saint Martins.

Earrings from the “Trucioli” jewelry collection by So-le Studio.
Courtesy of So-le Studio

There she developed the skills to launch her jewelry brand, which she launched from a temporary boutique in St. John’s Wood in north London, where the brand’s unique combination of design sensibility and Experimentation with materials was quickly appreciated. “I started to receive so many requests from these sophisticated women, mainly interested in art, who found in my pieces something special and unusual to exalt the most minimal outfits as well.”

While upcycling is a big trend now, when Ferragamo started their business in 2017, it was still a bit of a niche. However, for someone who from childhood has always been exposed to both crafts and industrial production, the approach seemed natural.

Combining “urban and organic geometries,” as she explained, the designer uses leftover leather that she cuts, twists and twirls to create earrings, necklaces and bracelets that mimic shades and textures. metals.

Expanding its range, Ferragamo recently introduced the use of brass chips. “I was really fascinated by these piles of spiraling brass shavings that were left in a factory producing metal components for my jewelry and I asked them if I could use this production waste to make new jewelry,” he said. declared the designer, telling the story behind the birth of the Trucioli collection, or “shavings” in English, composed of unique brass earrings covered with gold and hand painted with enamel fluorescent.

So-le Studio, whose designs are available on the brand’s online store, is set to launch at Browns on September 13. Average prices are around 250 euros.


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