Meet Clarity, the online jewelry brand that lets you try before you buy


“There are a lot of FOBOs when it comes to jewelry, especially engagement rings,” said Anubh Shah, co-founder of with clarity.

FOBO, like its predecessor ‘FOMO’, refers to the fear of buying online, something very common in the jewelry world. A brief Google Image search for ring and pendant measurements brings up more than 9,000 results, including comparable designs, models and mannequins for consumers trying to guess their relative sizes. With Clarity, however, these standards of online shopping uncertainty change.

Mr. Shah is a third generation jewelry designer whose lineage originates from Jaipur, India, one of the oldest gemstone capitals in the world. When Mr Shah met his wife and co-founder of With Clarity, Slisha Shah, she was working in marketing for a leading wedding website. It is safe to say that the union of the Shah in business and personally was one that was intentional.

One of the scariest online purchases can be an engagement ring. “It’s an intensely emotionally driven process, like how do you know the other person is going to say yes?” Describes Mr. Shah.

But buying any diamond with little jewelry experience seems risky, especially without knowing your fiance’s size, or what he’ll look like in person. With the Clarity model dispel these common fears. When a consumer wishes to purchase an engagement ring on With Clarity, they receive a 3D-printed ring replica for the purpose of trying and testing the aesthetics, eliminating much of the shopping anxiety. If consumers are satisfied with the replica, they can choose to buy the real thing or try another style.

As non-essential businesses have been shuttered, much of the jewelry market has been forced to make rapid and drastic pivots to online sales. Engagement rings, in particular, are very atypical e-commerce items for large jewelry retailers.

But as traditional jewelers struggle to survive, With Clarity hasn’t laid off a single employee. They have even seen a 2.5x increase since April 2020, and over the past three years, sales growth of 10,000%.

It should be noted that the global pandemic has had a profound effect on interpersonal relationships, Mr. and Mrs. Shah noted. “It’s either bringing people together or pushing them apart. From what we have noticed, it has had a positive effect on the cohesion of many people,” Ms Shah explained.

In addition to fine jewelry, With Clarity also specializes in a form of conflict free lab diamond creation for those who have a small budget, but an exquisite taste. Just like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds come in a variety of shapes, colors, clarity, and cuts. “Precious jewelry is too expensive, so people would gift electronics,” Shah explained as he described the excitement of stones with the same visual, physical and chemical properties as a stone found in nature.

Although With Clarity eliminates FOBO, or the fear of buying online, they don’t eliminate the fear of proposing – but they certainly make it much, much easier.


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