Moneybagg Yo flaunts new teeth jewelry fetches him $200,000


He is once again improving his smile and not caring about the costs.

The world has seen Moneybagg Yo make major changes over the past few years. The Memphis hitmaker star has been reaching new heights with each passing season, and his momentum isn’t slowing down any time soon. He’s made several announcements that show he’s about his business, including ditching lean, launching his own brand of water, stating he’s committed to building a community center.

There were other huge moments like his girlfriend Ari Fletcher buying him land for his birthday, celebrating his first million anniversary and, of course, topping the charts with every new release.

It is common to see Moneybagg flaunting his wealth, often with the help of Fletcher who has stacked some coins. They showed off their fancy cars, exotic vacations, and everything the life of the rich and famous can afford, and now Moneybagg is looking to improve his smile again. We’ve previously reported that the rapper is removing his grill for a more classic, toothy look, and he recently shared that he dropped a few stacks on some new teeth bling.

The small jewels reportedly cost Moneybagg $200,000, but that’s just big change for him these days. Check it out below and let us know if you get something similar.


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