Murrells Inlet jewelry store owner uses his shop to promote organ donation


MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – A jewelry store in Murrells Inlet is leaving customers with more than just something nice to wear.

It’s giving them a lesson on organ donation.

All thanks to the store owner’s personal experience with donating a kidney.

Shugs through the entrance is located on Highway 17.

It has been in operation since 2013.

The journey to open the store began when Cindy Sellers, the store owner, discovered that her ex-husband needed a kidney.

Even though Sellers, who goes by the name Shug (short for sugar), and her ex-husband Jerry Sellers had been divorced for nearly 10 years, she didn’t hesitate to gift him her own kidney.

“He asked me one day if I would be willing to give him a kidney, and I said, ‘Of course I am! Of course I will! “said Sellers.

Sellers says despite their differences over time, their love for each other never faded, which is why she felt donating her kidney wasn’t just a good thing for her , but also a requirement.

“If I had 10 kidneys, I would give them all away except the one I need because it’s such a rewarding experience to give someone life,” Sellers said.

After the transplant, Jerry did 11 more months, but eventually he passed away.

The vendors were in mourning. With her grief, however, came an idea as she walked along the beach.

“I was looking at the seashells and thinking, ‘Gosh, there’s something about these broken seashells.’ Because I was broken. And I found such beauty in a broken shell,” Sellers said.

She started making jewelry with these broken shells. Two years after Jerry’s death, Sellers opened his store.

“I didn’t want to go another moment in my life without honoring his memory,” she said.

She uses the store as a way to tell her story and inspire others to become organ donors.

“I like to take this as a way to continue to deliver my message and encourage people to give life,” Sellers said.

Salesmen say they know Jerry would be happy to see the shopis success.

“I think he’s in heaven doing the jig. He is so excited. I know he is,” Sellers said.

April is National Gift of Life Month. Click here to learn more about becoming an organ donor.

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