Netflix star Mary Fitzgerald and jewelry brand APM Monaco make headlines at Coachella


Selling the Sunset Star Mary Fitzgerald

With season 5 of Netflix’s hit show sell sunset about to drop, all eyes were on the crew of the Selling Sunset O Group as they descended into the Coachella Valley from the first weekend.

Freshly arrived on a private jet, the show’s heroine Mary Fitzgerald shared her stylish experience at Coachella on social media, including her spellbinding collaboration with the trendy jewelry brand APM Monaco.

LA Weekly contributors were able to meet Mary over the weekend and conduct an exclusive interview with the graceful star about her Coachella experience and why she chose APM Monaco for her festival looks:

The weekly: What is she wearing this year at Coachella?

Married: Color! It’s my first Coachella and it’s starting to look like summer, so I wanted to wear fun outfits that include tasteful colors and patterns. Coachella is the best place to experiment with your style.

The weekly: Which number is she most looking forward to seeing?

Married: I’m super excited for Harry Styles to perform. I heard he’s a great performer and I can’t wait to see his set (and the fun outfits he always chooses to wear)!

The weekly: Why in particular does she like to wear APM Monaco?

Married: I love APM Monaco because it’s all jewelry that really elevates a look. It’s always nice to wear pieces that are of incredible quality and will match almost anything in your wardrobe. For Coachella, I was obsessed with the Double Meteorites Ring. Everyone asks me where I got it from, it’s a success!

The weekly: How does she do Coachella? Does she turn out or have a more laid back time?

Mary: A bit of both is the perfect balance for me. I always need to recharge before I start moving again, so usually we give ourselves the first half of the day to rest and then head to the festival. This way I can enjoy the scenery I want to see without feeling exhausted from being in the heat all day!

The weekly: When is the new sunset sale season coming out? And what can we expect?

Married: Selling Sunset Season 5 premieres on Netflix on April 22! We’re getting so close and I can’t wait for fans to see what this season has to offer. I really think they will like it. I can’t tell you too much, but you can definitely count on bigger real estate, more drama, and a new cast member!


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