New lawsuit filed against Skokie jewelry store in Rolex watch fraud case


A new lawsuit filed Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court alleges a jewelry store in the northern suburb of Skokie is part of a fraudulent scheme involving high-end watches.

Three employees were reportedly fired for informing management of fraudulent activities taking place in the jewelry store.

The lawsuit alleges CD Peacock at Westfield Old Orchard Mall was behind an international scheme to divert Rolex watches to Asia and sell them for huge profits.


CD Peacock is one of the few authorized Rolex dealers in the world, but the lawsuit says they used this privilege to illegally sell the watches to someone who then inflated the prices to resell in Asia.

Employees who refused to participate and spoke out were fired.

Footage showed how some of the alleged illegal deals were carried out, using Facebook to sell the watches overseas, even a certificate claiming a watch was sold to Lebron James.

An employee was reportedly fired after a comment was made during a meeting, according to Haskell Garfinkel, of the Garfinkel Group, LLC.

“One of ours in a meeting told one of the management that he thought he was ‘in bed’ with the employee who was dispatching them,” Garfinkel said. “So she was fired for sexual harassment for saying they were ‘in bed together’. Now we all know that the colloquial term ‘in bed’ here doesn’t refer to sexual harassment.”

CD Peacock released the following statement.

“A lawsuit related to the Old Orchard store has been filed by OLGA NELSON, SUZANA KRAJISNIK and JOE Di LORENZO, three disgruntled former employees who were terminated for cause. The case had previously been brought by one of these employees a year ago in Federal Court and then immediately dropped when the first decisions went against it in this action. CDP intends to vigorously defend this action, as it did the previous one. Our Brand Partnerships have been renewed every year for decades and our history aligns with their values.CDP, led by third generation family members, maintains a strict customer vetting process to protect and uphold the integrity of the brands and the ‘industry.”


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