Quiet Storms is a new fine jewelry store to visit in Brooklyn


Even if you’re not “a jewelry lover”, there are probably a few pieces you treasure, like a bracelet your grandmother passed down to you, a necklace you received for your college graduation , or an engagement ring or wedding band. Reshma Patel has been collecting jewelry since she was born – she was given a pair of earrings when she was born as part of Indian tradition – and important events in her life have always been marked with gold. “My grandmothers both gave me their wedding bracelets when I got married, and it was such a poignant moment,” she told Vogue.com. “When they were married, they couldn’t work or earn a living, and that’s still the case in some parts of the world. Thus, all of their financial worth was tied to their jewelry. It made me think about the fact that there’s always a story when you ask someone about a piece, and it doesn’t necessarily happen with other items in your wardrobe.

Patel worked in public relations for 14 years and honed an eye for low-key new designers. It also gave her an overview of the fashion industry and what was missing. In her longtime home of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there was no store that offered the cutting-edge jewelry and high-end shopping experience Patel was looking for, so she decided to open her own. . “There are so many exciting things happening in fine jewelry right now, and a lot of it is led by women who are doing really bold and brave things, like deconstructing pearls or mixing silver with gold. gold,” says Patel. “I wanted to bring these designers together under one roof and make them a bit more accessible.”

calm thunderstorms

Photo: Courtesy of Quiet Storms

Quiet Storms opened in May, and it’s best described as a blend of Fifth Avenue’s superluxe retail environment and the experimental, laid-back spirit of Brooklyn. Inside, striking cuffs, two-finger rings, charm necklaces and simple earrings by Lia Di Gregorio, Sara Lasry, Lara Melchior and Delfina Delettrez are surrounded by plush, inviting furniture and drapes in ivory. “I wanted people to feel comfortable stepping off the streets into these moments of discovery,” says Patel. It’s essentially the opposite of that sterile, touchless vibe found in many high-end jewelry stores. “When I was jewelry shopping with my mum, it was always very special – they would invite you to sit down, offer you tea, take things out of the safe. I wanted to introduce that level of retail to Brooklyn, but in a calmer, more relaxed way.

This contrast inspired the name Quiet Storms, but Patel was also thinking about how women use jewelry to feel more powerful, feminine or daring. “Women are not one-dimensional,” she says. “Sometimes I wake up and feel like wearing a very delicate chain, and other days I leave the house with giant Annelise Michelson earrings. I think a lot of jewelry ‘rules’ have been thrown out the window, so women simply buy the pieces that appeal to them and are confident to wear them every day. Unsurprisingly, Patel says many of his customers come to Quiet Storms for engagement rings – more is unusual, the better.”Women think more about their personal style and want their ring to reflect that, as opposed to the convention of getting married,” she says. Azlee’s pointed triangular diamond ring or Jemma Wynne’s double pavé black diamond and emerald ring would do just fine, but you can browse the entire selection on the Quiet Storms e-commerce site, Quietstorms.com.


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