Senia Founders Share How Their Sustainable Jewelry Brand Began

Gina (L) and Christina (R) Senia. Courtesy of Senia

When Christina Senia graduated from college in 2016 as a major mechanical engineershe had looked through his catalog of college rings and noticed the lack of options available for women. “I researched the history and found that graduation rings were invented by men and for men before women could go to school,” Senia says. United States. “Interestingly, I found that actually more women than men are graduating from college now.”

It inspired her to take matters into her own hands and create her own college ring. Christina used the same software she used in her engineering lab to create the design, which was a stacked style ring with Roman numerals, now called “The Halo Ring.” Soon some friends wanted their own “Halo”, and what started out was making some rings for friends, eventually turned into so much more.

In 2018, Christina met a woman at a party who adored her one-of-a-kind college ring. “I found out that this woman was from Vince and she’s now president of Zimmerman and I was like, ‘Well, okay, if she says it, we have to do it,'” Christina recalled.

With the demand for products growing, Christina knew she needed someone to help her, and who better than her sister, Gina Senia. Gina graduated from college in 2021 as a business major and, like Christina, was passionate about creating meaningful and beautiful jewelry that was durable and size inclusive.

Together, the Senia sisters decided to create their own brand of sustainable jewelry, Senialaunched in 2020. Gina works on the business side of Senia, helping with the financial aspect and also weighing in on the creative side.

In addition to commemorative rings, the brand creates other must-have pieces, such as the infinity earrings that can be worn 50 waysand the overall product offering includes items that aren’t meant to be fancy, functional and accessible.

Courtesy of Senia

But it wasn’t just a walk in the park. “I was door-to-door in the diamond district—nobody wanted to work with us. Because I’m an engineer, I had this whole vision of making everything functional and modular, which is a lot of extra work,” says Christina.

Launching into the pandemic wasn’t easy either. “We looked to advice from people in the industry and similar industries, and pretty much everyone advised us not to launch at that time, but we did it anyway.” said Gina. “I think it was almost a blessing in disguise, because there was so much we had to deal with ahead of time due to shipping delays and the shutdown around the world.”

The Senia sisters thought they would only sell the signet rings as graduation or college rings. “A lot of people were buying them for birthdays, anniversaries, to memorialize lost loved ones, just things in general that the pandemic has stolen from us,” Christina shares.

One of their best-selling items, the “Infinity Earrings” were inspired by sheer convenience. “I was packing for a weekend and looking at my jewelry box. It was a mess,” Christina recalls. She wondered why all of her earrings were hoop combinations. “I just wanted to do a set that I can wear a million ways. I don’t want to worry about it anymore. »

The convenience and functionality of the “Infinity Earrings” turned out to be a smart product. “We sold them in 24 hours. I couldn’t believe the answer,” says Christina.

Aside from Senia’s versatile designs, one of the brand’s main goals is to be size inclusive, offering sizes ranging from 4 to 12, although the brand can also make a ring in any size.

Besides inclusiveness, sustainability is also at the forefront of Senia. “I realized how dirty the industry is,” says Christina. “There’s not really any consideration for sustainability. But one thing that’s great about jewelry in general is that it’s a durable product at its core. It’s supposed to last forever.

“I always try to create something new from what already exists,” continues Christina. “I have two things under my control, the materials I use and the design.” Christina decided she could do her part by designing and sourcing more sustainably through recycled metals, while creating jewelry that could be styled in many different ways, making it look new every time.

Gina adds: “Senia focuses on what the customer wants. Christina really tries to take care of them. I think the relationship between Christina and the client is super strong. She’s always looking for feedback on what they want to see next and what they feel are missing from their wardrobe.

New Senia collections will drop in the coming months. Later this summer, the brand will be available to shop at


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