Shocking Video Shows WeHo Georgiano Fine Jewelry Store Robbery


Georgiano Fine Jewelry and Watches, located at 870 Huntley Drive in West Hollywood, was robbed last Sunday morning. Security camera timestamp shows 6:04 a.m.

A source told WEHO TIMES this wasn’t the first robbery attempt at the jewelry store just south of Santa Monica Boulevard. Security camera footage captured the same male suspect trying to break into the door two weeks earlier. Last weekend he succeeded.

“Please help catch this thief,” said Argiro Veremis, owner Jean Georgiano’s fiancé. “It’s so heartbreaking that he broke in and robbed us.”

Owners were alerted as soon as the store’s alarm went off. They went to the store, but it was too late. The door had been ripped open with a crowbar. Veremis says the West Hollywood sheriff was also too late. The suspect stole gold items including a personalized wedding ring, solder pieces, a personal Rolex and a box full of watch batteries. She says they keep most of the valuable jewelry locked away downstairs.

Video sent to WEHO TIMES shows the suspect climbing tables and grabbing anything that comes to hand as security alarms sound in the background.

Owners stole $25,000 worth of inventory last weekend. “The sheriffs were the worst ever,” Vermeil added. “They arrived fifteen minutes too late. They were very rude and not helpful at all. it’s been a long and sad day.

Georgiano Fine Jewelry and Watches has been serving the West Hollywood community since 1999, according to Veremis. Owner Jean Georgiano was too distraught to comment.

Last October, Optique by Cynthia & Christine, a high-end optical store specializing in designer sunglasses and prescription glasses, was vandalized and burglarized around 4:55 a.m. The eyewear store is located a few doors of Georgiano Fine Jewelry and Watches.

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