Skyrocketing sales for The Loupe, a North Loop fine jewelry store


The success of The Loupe lies in its strategy, which responds to the important and new way people wear jewelry. La Loupe collections are designed to resonate with all aspects of everyday life – the places you go and the life you live. Gone are the days when jewelry was only worn on special occasions. The Loupe specializes in curating fine, handcrafted jewelry for women and the growing demand for men, bringing influences and creative energies from every coast and beyond. Their ever-changing collections celebrate design, innovation, artistry and storytelling. “We believe the finest jewelry should tell your story,” McMillan said.

Self-purchase has been a key driver of sales and, aside from the winter holiday months, sales have been very consistent month over month. “We see many of our customers stopping more frequently, looking to add to their personal style. Our jewelry is so versatile and can be easily layered with existing or new pieces, and it is rewarding to help our customers create creative looks,” said Dee Hewitt, Chief Executive Officer. “For many of our collection lines, we’ve seen increases of 200% to 500% as more customers return to purchase additional items and also bring friends.”

As their physical activity continues to grow, The Loupe has also invested in its online presence, relaunching its website, “Some of our clients do not reside in Minneapolis or discovered our store while traveling. We want to offer our existing and potential customers the flexibility and convenience of purchasing our select collections online,” said Hewitt.

La Loupe is currently working on additional opportunities to introduce its brand to new customers and markets.

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Based in New York Kiki McMillan in partnership with Los Angeles-based Dee Hewitt to combine and leverage their experience in the fashion and fine jewelry industries. With their love for designer jewelry brands, they bring the edge and energy of their respective coasts to the heart of the Midwest. The collections are deliriously elegant, sometimes avant-garde, unexpected, and always refined.

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