Sotheby’s hosts Italian jewelry brand Marina B for a pop-up as part of a retail concept for the auction house


Marina B. landed in Palm Beach. The famous jewelry brand founded in 1976 by Marina Bulgari and acquired by creative director Guy Bedarida in 2017 is the latest jeweler to participate in Sotheby’s Palm Beach gallery selling luxury items in a curated lifestyle setting. The famed auction house launched the new approach in November 2020 at Royal Poinciana Plaza, selling art, design, jewelry, watches and luxury cars directly to customers, primarily through fixed prices. The Marina B pop-up is now until February 13e, in time for Valentine’s Day and an essential winter trip to the bracing enclave of Florida.

A jewelry-centric vacation isn’t the only reason the jeweler and auction house have teamed up. According to Bedarida, the setting and the auction house have a long-standing association. “Sotheby’s and Marina B have a long history, and regularly spectacular vintage pieces come up for auction. The partnership stems from this tradition and has grown through hosting pop-ups and various events to drive engagement customers for both brands.. Our jewelry complements Sotheby’s so well because of the mutual love and connection of art,” he explains.

“It has added a new dimension to our interactions with our clients: people appreciate being able to negotiate discreetly and transparently, regardless of the auction schedule,” says Joanna Gong GG Sotheby’s, Private Sales Director Specialist Jewelry Dept. of the new platform which offers both fixed offers and negotiable prices. Marina B is exclusively the participating jeweler in this luxury Valentine’s showcase.

The location of the gallery is also crucial. “Palm Beach has always been where Marina B has many collectors, dating back to the 1980s. We also have a large customer base who own homes in Palm Beach based in New York and love having a space to house them in Florida. . .” The offer will be unique and high jewelry and the basic collection. “Here we have customers who collect unique pieces, as well as those who appreciate Marina B. for everyday wear, so it’s important to showcase both,” Bedarida continues. Everyday pieces include the Soleil collection which is priced around $1,000 to $6,000 on average, while fine jewelry can range from $25,000 to $250,000 depending on the design and gemstones used. .

A testament to this partnership between the Italian jewelry brand and the upscale Florida city is Bedarida’s attendance at an unrelated upcoming conference. Later in the month, he will speak at The Lecture Series, part of the Palm Beach Show of Jewelry, Art, and Antiques. He will talk about the history of the Marina B brand. “I love talking about the brand to collectors and newcomers to Marina B, to keep the legacy alive and educate a new generation about Marina B’s rich history”, he says.

This new sales approach is not new to the Bedaridas, which have had healthy show business, particularly with Middle Eastern customers. “For several reasons, this has strengthened our business. First, the Marina B revival is still very young and needs distribution points globally. That said, we like to keep the Marina B brand confidential and private for certain of our collectors, maintaining exclusivity within the brand,” he says of the strategy, adding, “It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to meet customers and learn their preferences. Often we collaborate on designs to create custom pieces. business for me.”

Like many, the pandemic has also shifted the mode of sale to a digital format. “The shift to e-commerce and digital distribution via social media has had a big impact on the business post-pandemic. We’ve also pivoted to delivering jewelry to our customers’ homes so they can view them from the comfort of their personal space. The pandemic has also opened up a new category for the jeweler, Marina B La Casa, formerly a special order for exclusive customers. “We are presenting a permanent collection. A brand like Marina B is more than just a jewelry brand, it is a lifestyle brand, and we look forward to continuing to evolve and grow with our customers,” notes Bedarida.


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