Soulja Boy Feuds With ‘Icebox’ Jewelry Store Over Unpaid $200,000 Bill


There was a time when Soulja Boy beamed with pride for his elaborate purchases of fine jewelry at Icebox.

Soulja Boy comes under fire for an unpaid bill at a jewelry store, and things really start to heat up between the two parties. The name of the jewelry store in question is Icebox, and initially Soulja Boy tried to convince the world that he was the one who put them on the map, since he shopped there so frequently. Complex reports that somehow the relationship between this company and Soulja Boy completely fell apart. A bill for $60,000 in 2013 ended up in court and has now turned into an unpaid bill totaling $200,000. The two parties seem far from having reached a settlement in this case.

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There was a time when Soulja Boy beamed with pride for his elaborate purchases of fine jewelry at Icebox. He was so proud, in fact, that he tried to take credit for “putting them on the map” and bragged about his shopping experiences at the store.

The two parties maintained a trusting relationship in which Soulja Boy made a series of expensive purchases and the store ran an open tab for him.

This is where things went astray. Icebox claims Soulja Boy owed them $60,000 for purchases made at their store, and after a series of attempts to collect what was owed to them, they had no choice but to take the matter to court.

Icebox sued Soulja Boy in 2013, but they claim they have yet to be paid for the items he took from their store.

So much time has passed that the total value of Soulja Boy’s bill has increased significantly. According to TMZ, “Icebox says the debt has exploded to around $200,000, and of course…they want the money they think is long overdue.”

This massive growth in unpaid dues has been verified by Complex as well. They reported it; “with interest and other charges, that amount grew to approximately $200,000. The store also disputed Soulja’s claims that he was the first rapper to shop there. Although he admits that Soulja was the first major artist, the store claims to have serviced several other artists before Soulja Boy.”

The store is unsure if Soulja Boy has enough money to cover the bill, as they see no other reason for him to leave it in its current state of arrears. Despite the monetary dispute, reports indicate that Soulja Boy is far more concerned about his image being tarnished than the actual bill that remains unpaid. He has spent time defending his honor by bragging about the money he earns, with no clear intention of putting that money to good use, paying off his debts.

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Sources: TMZ, Complex

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